Great Gear: Steady As She Goes

For hunters and shooters who want to squeeze every bit of accuracy from their long-range rifles, it all begins and ends with a solid foundation.

Great Gear: Steady As She Goes

Kopfjager K800 Tripod and Reaper Grip Kit.

A steady rest can be easily accomplished by using a shooting aid each and every time hunters stretch the barrel of their favorite precision rifles. And today’s high-tech bipods, tripods and shooting sticks provide the very best options for ensuring a steady shot. Designed by Dallas SWAT officers, the Kopfjäger K800 Tripod and Reaper Grip Kit is a great example, providing unshakeable stability for precision shooting and long-range hunting. It’s the perfect, lightweight solution for improving stability, enhancing accuracy and eliminating fatigue for law enforcement officers, hunters and competitive shooters alike. Weighing in at just 3.85 pounds, the K800 tripod is crafted from a lightweight carbon fiber composite and features four-level leg extensions with flip-locks. The Reaper grip boasts an adjustable, pivoting off-set ergonomic design to accommodate both tapered and straight stocks and chassis without allowing recoil movement. The Kopfjager K800 Tripod and Reaper Grip Kit provides a smooth 360-degree pan and a tilt range of 109 degrees. Weighing just 5.5 pounds total, it is built to handle harsh environments. MSRP: $599.97. Contact:


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