Shooting Aids for Predator Hunting

The advantage of having a shooting aid to steady the shot when hunting predators is undeniable.

Shooting Aids for Predator Hunting

It’s hard to stay on target when your riflescope’s crosshairs are dancing all over the place. Fur. No fur. Fur. No fur. And that’s why savvy predator hunters always strive to have a solid rest firmly planted underneath their rifle or shotgun every time they set up to call. This shooting platform might be as simple as a handy tree, stump, fence post or backpack. More likely, though, it will be a store-bought shooting aid such as shooting sticks, bi-pod or tripod that stabilizes the firearm. There is no shortage of shooting aids on the market designed to make you a better marksman in the field. The key is to get one you like and practice with it until using it becomes second nature. Only when you are proficient at the range will you get optimum benefit in the field. Here are a few examples of shooting aids that with put you on the path to becoming Steady Eddy on your future predator hunts.


Blackhawk Sportster Bipod

Predator hunters understand the advantage of having a solid rest when taking long-range shots on the smallish critters they pursue. Combining pivot and traverse functions using a time-tested bipod design, such as the compact and lightweight Sportster bipod from Blackhawk, allows hunters to steadily track moving targets. And its pivoting action allows the user to swivel the firearm to either side, providing a smooth pan and a steady, level shooting platform on uneven terrain. The Sportster features spring loaded, no-rust anodized telescoping legs and easily attaches to a sling swivel. MSRP: $76.95. Contact:


BLK LBL AR-15 Handguard Integrated Bipod

The 15-inch AR-15 handguard integrated bipod from BLK LBL is a direct replacement handguard for AR-15s that have an integrated bipod with extendable legs. The bipod legs are attached to a ball and socket joint that provides pan and cant with adjustable tension. When not in use, the legs are stowed flush with the handguard so they will not impede off-hand shooting or catch on gear or terrain features. Designed to fit the AR-15, Ruger Precision Rifle and Tikka T3X TAC A1, the bipod is lightweight but durable. There are four barrel nut options — nitrided steel, 7075T6 hard anodized aluminum, Grade 5 (6Al4V) titanium or no barrel nut — for the Tikka TAC A1. MSRP: $499. Contact:


Briscoe’s High Tower Shooting Chair

Good visibility is paramount to success when hunting predators at night and elevation is the key. Getting up off the ground means using ambient and artificial light to its fullest potential. It also means the sounds produced by e-callers and mouth-blown calls will reach out farther. The Briscoe High Tower Shooting Chair does just that — it gets shooters 10 to 12 feet off the ground and provides a solid rest for their rifle or shotgun. Single- and double-chair models are available for most full- and mid-size pickup trucks — the single chair model able to swivel 360 degrees. And there are only three basic components — base, pedestal and chair — so it’s easy to install and remove. MSRP: Starts at $1,995/Single chair; $2,995/Dual chair. Contact:


Harris Engineering Picatinny Rail Mount Bipods

Harris Engineering now offers a line of canting bipods that mount directly to a Picatinny rail. For quick attachment, the user simply tightens the knurl nut on the side of the mount. To detach, the knurl nut is loosened until it comes in contact with the lock nut. For a more permanent mount, the knurl nut is tightened down and then the lock nut is tightened until it’s against the knurl nut. These bipods will mount to any rifle with a Picatinny rail and feature spring-loaded folding legs that are adjustable for height and come in a variety of sizes for use in a variety of shooting positions. Models available with the Picatinny rail mount include: SBR2P, SBRMP, SL2P, SLMP, S25CP and S25CP Camo. MSRP: $159.02-$253.87. Contact: Email/; Call/(270) 334-3633


Hart Shot Shooting Stick

The Hart Shot Shooting Stick transforms in seconds from a sturdy, lightweight hiking stick to an even sturdier bipod, making it easy for hunters to get to their favorite outback hunting spots and even easier to make the perfect shot. The Shooting Stick sets up in seconds to the shooter’s desired height or sight line — adjusting between 8 and 48 inches with the push of a button. Made from lightweight anodized aluminum, it weighs just 17 ounces, and its deep yoke holds the gun securely in place. Pointed metal feet with detachable snow baskets grab any terrain to provide a stable platform and steady shot. A wrist strap and easy-grip rubber handles offer a solid grip. MSRP: $54.99. Contact:


Hawke Optics Swivel/Tilt Bipod

Designed to help hunters and shooters improve accuracy by providing a stable platform for their rifle in the prone shooting position, the Hawke Optics Swivel/Tilt bipod extends from 6 to 9 inches to compensate for uneven terrain via its spring-loaded adjustable legs. It easily attaches to a swivel stud and can be used with a sling attached. It is constructed from durable lightweight high-grade alloy with a black anodized finish and weighs only 13.8 ounces. A lever quickly and easily locks and unlocks the rifle’s position. MSRP: $105.



Kopfjager K800 Reaper Grip Kit

Designed by Dallas SWAT officers, the Kopfjäger K800 Tripod and Reaper Grip Kit provides unshakeable stability for precision shooting and long-range hunting. It’s the perfect, lightweight solution for improving stability, enhancing accuracy in a wide variety of hunting situations. Weighing in at just 3.85 pounds, the K800 tripod is crafted from a lightweight carbon-fiber composite and features four-level leg extensions with flip-locks. The Reaper grip boasts an adjustable, pivoting off-set ergonomic design to accommodate both tapered and straight stocks and chassis without allowing recoil movement. The Kopfjager K800 Tripod and Reaper Grip Kit provides a smooth 360-degree pan and a tilt range of 109 degrees and is built tough to handle harsh environments. MSRP: $599.97.



Rudolph Optics PH Shooting Sticks

PH shooting sticks from Rudolph Optics provide the solid rest long-range shooters need to tighten their groups — by as much as 50 percent. This gives seasoned veterans as well as new hunters more confidence when it’s time to pull the trigger. They can be deployed as a normal bipod or split front to back to provide two points of contact on a rifle, shotgun or crossbow. This takes the windage movement out of the equation and allows the shooter to focus on the target while making slight elevation adjustments. Rudolph PH shooting sticks are lightweight and fold out to be used as a walking stick. MSRP: $129. Contact:


SRB Shooting Rest

A great option for run-and-gun predator hunters as well as those who take the sit-and-wait approach, the SRB shooting rest adjusts from 22 to 27 inches to put a rifle or shotgun in the perfect position for when a cagey coyote or bashful bobcat shows up unannounced. It comes with or without the Gun Butt sling, which holds the butt of the gun tight to the shoulder while calling. The set includes an 18-inch extension with a 5.5-inch steel spike to insert into the ground and a durable molded plastic rest with a wing bolt set screw that adjusts the height of rest. Available in brown, the SRB shooting rest weights 14 ounces. MSRP: $29.99-$34.99. Contact:


Swagger Hunter42 All-Terrain Bipod

The Swagger Hunter42 bipod has an extension range from 9.75 to 41.25 inches and adapts to the unique challenges of hunting from treestands, ground blinds or any enclosure with an elevated window with extendable legs to easily change height. What sets it apart from other bipods is its ability to flex and move as a hunter shifts the point of aim. This unique ability is achieved with sturdy springs at the top of the bipod legs. These springs gently bend with pressure, allowing a hunter to remain rock steady while keeping a walking animal centered in the scope. The bipod’s rubber feet can be removed to reveal spikes that dig into the ground and provide a stable platform. MSRP: $169.99. Contact:


Truglo Solid•Shot Bipod Shooting Sticks

Predator hunters who want to increase stability and accuracy in the field when shooting their favorite fur rifles and shotguns should take a serious look at Truglo’s Solid·Shot bipod shooting sticks. Their rotating head is designed for easier aiming with minimal leg movement and a rubberized V–brace head provides a snug and versatile fit. Built tough using lightweight aluminum and composite construction, the Solid·Shot has comfortable foam grips that are great for cold or wet weather conditions and twist–lock adjustable legs. Carbide tips or included rubberized feet provide traction on a variety of surfaces. Includes carrying case with shoulder strap. MSRP: $36.99. Contact:


Ultrec Multi-Purpose Sportsman’s Stand

Ultrec’s Multi-Purpose Sportsman’s Stand was designed with the predator hunter in mind. Ultra-portable and lightweight, it is manufactured from high-strength aluminum and weighs only 7 pounds. It features an adjustable seat height, as well as adjustable shooting elevation and position. The shooting rest rotates with respect to the seat, allowing for a 330-degree shooting field of view. The double-V shooting rest provides hands-free support for the firearm while calling or glassing. The shooting rest can be quickly removed and swapped out with a spotting scope or camera, using available mounting plates. The compact design folds up and fits in the included 21x14x5-inch carrying case. MSRP: $225.95. Contact:


Vortex Optics Radian Carbon Tripod + Ball Head 

 Carbon-fiber legs and aluminum construction make the Radian Carbon tripod from Vortex Optics an extremely solid shooting platform. It features a high strength-to-weight ratio for supporting heavy loads while keeping the tripod easy to pack to even the most remote hunting locations. Along with great strength, shooters get great precision with an integrated level. Hunters can choose between a ball head or a leveling head so they can swap out all their long-range tools quickly with the features they need, including Arca-Swiss compatibility and quick release. Hunters looking for a solid base for their rifle need look no further than the Vortex Optics Radian Carbon tripod. MSRP: $1,199.99. Contact:


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