10 Range Bags and Packs to Check Out

You’re carrying more gear than ever to the range, and you need an organized and effective way to haul it all.

10 Range Bags and Packs to Check Out

As a gun writer, packing gear for the range and carrying it to the firing line often makes me feel like a pack mule, especially if I plan to shoot multiple firearms. Whether I’m shooting long-range or up-close-and-personal, with one rifle or a few handguns, the feeling is the same. My shooting range work requires more equipment than I like to carry, and I am not alone. The more I look up and down a firing line, the better I understand the importance of shooting equipment essentials like range bags and backpacks for virtually everybody in attendance — they all have gear strewn everywhere around them.

Worse, increased shooting experience only exacerbates the gear problem. The more invested we are into shooting, the more gear we carry. A new shooter routinely brings a single firearm, a few boxes of ammo, eye and ear protection, maybe a snack and a bottle of water — they’re on the line for an hour or two. Seasoned shooters take multiple firearms, on-the-fly range tools, gun-cleaning supplies, eye and ear pro, ammo, tripod, spotting scope, spotting chair, chronograph, plenty of ammo for each rig, a shooting mat (long-range shooters), and plenty of water and snacks for half- and full-day range shoots. Of course, advances in technology purposed in more precise shooting at longer distances also add to our gear haul — it’s only getting worse!

Range bags and backpacks have become essential for shooters at all experience levels to help us get our gear to the firing line and keep it organized. Here’s a great roundup of range bags and backpacks certain to help you haul all your gear.


5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag

There’s a good reason 5.11 Tactical is well respected throughout the law enforcement and security industries — their products are purpose-driven, practical and rugged. With respect to range bags, it’s tough to beat 5.11 Tactical’s Range Ready Bag — the 43L being a popular choice. The Range Ready Bag is constructed of heavy-duty 600D polyester and boasts a roomy 10.5 x 17.5 x  9.5 zippered main compartment. The bag accommodates several handguns in padded storage and features removable ammo and brass totes, robust front-pocket magazine storage, ID insert, padded shoulder strap and sewn-in carrying handles. The Range Ready Bag’s total capacity is 2,639 cubic inches, and weight is 6.2 pounds. www.511tactical.com


5.11 Tactical SOMS 3.0 126L Bag

Perhaps my overall favorite range bag in this roundup, simply based on size, capacity and integral rollers, is the 5.11 Tactical SOMS 3.0 126L Rolling Duffle Bag. As the name implies, the SOMS 3.0 boasts 126 liters of storage space (7,684 cubic inches) and is the largest model listed in this collection — perfect as a range bag for guys like me with a lot of gear to tote. Even better, with 5.11 Tactical branding behind it, you know you can trust the bag’s quality and durability. Top 5.11 Tactical SOMS 3.0 Bag features include substantial main compartment, numerous organizing pockets, clear document pocket, external zippered pockets, internal fiberglass rods to maintain bag structure for easy packing and upright stowage, lockable YKK zippers, retractable handle and grab-handles, impact-resistant base, compression-molded side panels and water-resistant construction with 1,050D nylon and 1,680D ballistic nylon. The bag also includes nametape and patch holders as well as removable web-strapping to attach additional gear or bags. Overall dimensions are 18.5 x 32 x 14 inches, and weight is a hefty 16.8 pounds, making it the largest and heaviest range bag in the roundup by large margins. That said, for some of us, it’s definitely the perfect range bag solution!


Voodoo Tactical Platinum Executive Series Range Bag

Who doesn’t like a bit of attitude on a premium range bag? Voodoo Tactical’s Platinum Executive Series Range Bag is designed to hold all the shooting goods without holding back on the embroidered cool factor of the brand’s logo. Of course, looks aren’t everything. This bag is a rugged, feature-packed range bag contended perfectly at home in this roundup. Constructed of durable 900D polyester and double-stitched, the bag is built to be stuffed with shooting gear. The large main compartment includes a padded removable insert for quick bench-top firearm and gear presentations. Layered, zippered pockets are situated on each end as well as the front and back. The main compartment features a dual zippered flap for quick access to gear and easy removal of the insert. The Voodoo Tactical Platinum Executive Series Range Bag also features adjustable inner dividers, removable draw string bag, adjustable interior dividers, sewn-in insert and range-bag handles, and a padded shoulder strap. Overall dimensions are 13.2 x 22.2 x 10.5 inches, and weight is 5.2 pounds. www.voodootactical.com


Voodoo Tactical Enlarged Scorpion Range Bag

On the shooting range, function is everything, but looking good doing it isn’t bad, either, and Voodoo Tactical accomplishes both for shooters with the Enlarged Scorpion Range Bag. Don’t let the quilted-pattern exterior fool you. This is a solid, practical, roomy and well-designed range bag. The Enlarged Scorpion Range Bag features a large main compartment, multiple top-flap pockets on the front, back and sides, and large zippered front and back pockets. All zippers are double-lockable, and the bag includes a sewn-in handle, as well as a padded shoulder strap. For its size, the Enlarged Scorpion Range Bag is definitely designed to hold a ton of gear. Overall dimensions are 14 x 23 x 15 inches.


Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Bag

One of the most recognized brands in the tactical world, Blackhawk, hit a homerun with handgunners via the Sportster Deluxe Range Bag. Touted as a larger version of the Sportster, the deluxe model is still fairly compact yet offers quite a bit of room in its well-thought-out design. The Sportster Deluxe easily accommodates a couple of pistols, magazines, protective hearing and eye protection, cleaning supplies, ammo, water, snacks and more. The Sportster Deluxe Range Bag also features rows of S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing to attach external storage pouches. Aside from the roomy main compartment, the Sportster Deluxe also boasts a removable, soft-lined pistol pouch; large, zippered accessory pockets; a sewn-on carrying handle and a shoulder strap. The Sportster Deluxe Range Bag measures 11 x 15 x 10 inches. www.blackhawk.com


GPS Range Tote Bag

One of these is not like all the others. The GPS Range Bag is the only open-top tote system in the roundup. Much like a contractor’s bag, the GPS Range Tote delivers big on storage capacity, organization, gear orientation and convenient accessibility. Long-sided pouches accommodate up to 10 handgun magazines and five small-frame AR-platform magazines, while elastic bands keep rolled targets paper targets secure. Short-side pockets hold priority access gear, while the main interior pockets boast zippered pistol pockets and additional organization, as well as a substantial, deep-well main compartment to hold the lion’s share of your customer’s range gear. For protection from the elements or simply to conceal contents while shooting, the GPS Range Tote Bag includes a rain cover. GPS Range Tote Bag dimensions are 9 x 13 x 19 inches and weight is just 2 pounds. www.goutdoorsproducts.com


GPS Rolling Range Bag

The GPS Rolling Range Bag definitely is not a new offering, but it’s certainly one of the best and perhaps most overlooked. The GPS Rolling Range Bag has been my top go-to range bag for a decade and counting. More than range work, it also has pulled double-duty over the years as my gun-writing gear bag for assignments from coast to coast — the ball-bearing wheels have seen miles upon miles of ranges, tradeshow floors and hunting camps. Front and side pockets organize all manner of necessary range gear, including 10 handgun magazine sleeves and clear internal pockets hidden in the right-front pocket for easy identification of contents. The main compartment is exceptionally roomy with more organization pockets lining the interior walls. The Rolling Range Bag includes a sewn-on carrying handle as well as a telescoping handle. With the telescoping handle raised, I have used the top of the bag and vertical handle rails to top-load additional range gear like a tripod, spotting scope and folding chair. The overall Rolling Range Bag dimensions are 13  x 20 x 16 inches and weight is 12 pounds.


GPS Handgunner Backpack

A personal hands-free favorite of mine with years of use under its belt, The GPS Handgunner Backpack is the only pack-style system in this roundup specifically designed for use as a range bag. The GPS Handgunner Backpack offers a wealth of innovation for carrying multiple pistols and organizing gear; in fact, handgun storage is the pack’s most prominent feature. The back-center compartment unzips to reveal a foam handgun rack. The rack accommodates four full-sized handguns while scores of additional side, back and top pockets provide industry-leading range-gear organization via roomy compartments, some featuring additional, labeled pockets. The foam pocket can be removed from the pack for convenient benchtop handgun presentation. The pack’s twin side pockets are purposed to store multiple handgun magazines. The GPS Handgunner Backpack also features an ID storage system, lockable zippers and a pull-out rain cover. The only thing the GPS Handgunner Backpack lacks is the gear you’ll pack in it. The GPS Handgunner Backpack measures 16 inches W x 19 inches H and weighs 5.6 pounds.


5.11 Tactical Rush72 2.0 Backpack

5.11 Tactical’s most recent backpack offering (2021), the Rush72 2.0 pack is a perfect fit for a day on the range. Billed as the perfect pack-in solution for “tactical missions, long-range deployments and bugging out,” the Rush 2.0 certainly accommodates multiple handguns, plenty of ammo, protective equipment, data book, ballistic calculator, gun tools, extra firearm accessories, targets and snacks for long days on the range. The Rush72 2.0 Backpack boasts up to 3,342 cubic inches of room (55L) with the main compartment measuring 13.5 x 23 inches, side pockets measuring 6 x 16.5, front pocket measuring 11.5 x 15.5, and side pockets measuring 6 x 16.5. The Rush72 2.0 also features a 3L hydration pocket and weighs just 5.3 pounds.


Voodoo Tactical Matrix Backpack

Sure, you have to carry in your long guns, but the Voodoo Tactical Matrix Backpack is certainly capable of carrying everything else. While the Matrix has been around a while, it remains a top consideration for range backpacks and is available in multiple camouflage and flat colors, including black, coyote and olive drab so your customers have plenty of style options. From daily use as a laptop backpack to packed-to-the-brim range-bag carry at the shooting range, The Matrix boasts robust pocket space with an abundance of front and size gear pockets for enhanced organization. The main pocket offers more than enough room for snacks, a couple of handguns and plenty of ammo. Additional features include padded comfort back panel and adjustable straps; a removable, padded waist belt; hydration pouch compatibility and an advanced harness retention system. The Matrix measures 16.1 inches W x 19.4 inches H and weighs just 3 pounds.


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