Gear Roundup: Airguns

Here is an assortment of makes and models.

Gear Roundup: Airguns

Air Venturi Avenge-X Tactical 

In the 1983 American film classic, “A Christmas Story,” 9-year-old Ralphie Parker has his chops set on one thing, and one thing only, for Christmas — a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. Long story short, Ralphie’s wish comes true and the story ends with the youngster lying in bed on Christmas night with the gun by his side (after a very eventful day, mind you). Generations of young gunslingers such as Ralphie have shared the obsession of owning their first rifle, typically one powered by air pressure. But while traditional models are still available — even the famed Red Ryder — modern airguns have evolved into much more efficient target shooting, varmint killing, small-game hunting machines, from new and improved pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles that utilize a built-in reservoir to store compressed air to nitrogen-filled gas piston and other innovative models that generate considerable velocity and kinetic energy. Whether you’re in the market for a Christmas stocking stuffer or a full-blown air-powered hunting rifle, here is an assortment of makes and models that should help scratch your nostalgic itch.

AirForce Airguns TalonBolt 

The AirForce Airguns TalonBolt Air Rifle fires a 400-grain 18-inch bolt at over 400 fps, and weighs in at just 5.3 pounds. It utilizes AirForce’s Ring-Loc adjustable valve system that enables hunters to reduce velocities to improve accuracy or allow for bowfishing use. The TalonBolt Air Rifle bolt has a heavy carbon fiber weave and dual shatter resistant impact collars that combine to create an arrow that is strong and durable. It also has high visibility glow-in-the-dark vanes and features a HitMarker (TM) band, which helps indicate the location of the hit to help hunters retrieve game. The 300-grain bolts (purchased separately) come with 100-grain field tips for a total weight of 400 grains. 

MSRP: $729.95; $52.95/Six pack of bolts

Air Venturi Avenge-X Tactical (pictured above)

The Avenge-X from Air Venturi features a common technology platform as the formation for eight air rifle variations, including the Avenge-X Tactical, with various calibers and air storage options available. What is shared across all these PCP air rifles is a regulated power plant with fully adjustable performance, smooth and ergonomic sideliver cocking and an integrated shrouded barrel. All Avenge-X models feature externally an adjustable regulator, hammer spring and transfer port to allow for even more tuning possibilities than the original entry level Avenger. The Avenger-X Tactical Air Rifle is equipped with a host of features such as a Weaver/Picatinny rail, two-stage adjustable trigger, threaded end cap and more at a modest price point. 

MAP: $529.99/Tube; $759.99/Bottle

Benjamin M357 PCP Bulldog

New for 2023, the Benjamin M357 PCP Bulldog Air Rifle is an updated version of the original  Big Bore Bulldog  — generating up to 300 foot-pounds of energy compared to the original’s 180 to 200 fpe. Essentially, this is a supercharged version of the PCP air rifle that put Benjamin Big Bore air rifles on the map. This next-generation Bulldog comes loaded with all the innovative, high-performance features that made the original a modern classic, with added takedown power that lets hunters pursue big game with confidence. Compact, powerful and stealthy, the M357 Bulldog features rugged synthetic construction, a compact 36-inch bullpup configuration, five-shot magazine and much more. It launches pellets at up to 1,135 fps. 

MSRP: $999.99

Brocock BRK Ghost

The Brocock BRK Ghost Air Rifle incorporates the latest PCP technology built around a titanium-colored chassis to maximize rigidity and accuracy. Three model configurations are available in .177-, .22-, .25- and .30-calibers, offering up to 95 foot-pounds of energy. And thanks to a quick and easy interchangeable barrel system, the BRK Ghost’s caliber can be swapped in minutes. The High Power BRK Ghost sports a 23-inch barrel and 480cc carbon air bottle, scaled down to 17 inches and 480cc for the Plus and a 17-inch barrel, short shroud and diminutive 300cc bottle for the Carbine. All three rifles are optimized for hunting, providing no fewer than 20 settings at multiple power levels. 

Retail: $2,199.99

Crosman Corporation 3622 PCP 

Crosman Corporation recently announced the introduction of its .22-caliber 3622 PCP Rifle. This bolt-action, single-shot, entry-level pre-charged pneumatic rifle is designed to provide exceptional performance and accuracy for novice shooters and enthusiasts who enjoy target shooting and plinking. With an easily fillable 2,000 psi reservoir, shooters can get up to 25 shots per fill and spend less time worrying about filling and more time enjoying their shooting experience. The rifle is engineered with a durable all-weather synthetic stock, ensuring it can withstand various environmental conditions while maintaining its reliability. The 3622 PCP Rifle provides an ideal platform for honing shooting skills and developing marksmanship abilities. The rifle is also available in a .177-caliber version, the 3677. 

MSRP: $129.99

Hatsan FactorBP

Hatsan’s FactorBP is designed with power and customization in mind. Available in two big-bore versions — .30- and .35-caliber — this bullpup PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air rifle is built with an externally adjustable hammer preload, externally adjustable pressure regulator, Quattro two-stage adjustable match trigger and five-position telescoping stock with nine-position elevation adjustable cheek rest. The adjustable soft rubber pistol grip can be swapped with commercially available pistol grips made for MSRs. Reaching velocities of 956 fps with .30-caliber lead pellets, it delivers up to 144 foot-pounds of energy in the .35-caliber model. The FactorBP also includes a trigger pad that can be moved vertically and rotated left or right, and its 32-inch precision rifled barrel includes a threaded muzzle. 

MSRP: $1,299.99

Umarex Notos PCP Carbine

The Notos Compact Rifle Kit (CRK) from Umarex can be adjusted to fit either adults or young or small-frame shooters, firing a 12-grain pellet at 700 fps. This .22-caliber carbine is loaded with features that include sidelever cocking, integrated regulator and effective sound suppression. The cocking lever allows for rapid firing and auto indexes a seven-round magazine. The stock is ergonomic, lightweight (4 pounds) and adjustable, and the fixed air tank holds 3,625 PSI at maximum capacity and is regulated to 1,900 PSI for consistent shot-to-shot performance. A long, integrated Picatinny rail provides for the mounting of a variety of accessories. For shooters not opting for optics, windage-adjustable open sights are standard on the rifle. 

MSRP: $259.99

Western Airguns Rattler 357

The Rattler 357 from Western Airguns is a 15-shot semi-automatic big-bore air rifle that can produce upwards of 270 foot-pounds of energy and features include a 580cc air cylinder, an adjustable regulator and a hammerless firing system configured for shot-to-shot consistency. A knurled throttle knob lies just below the high capacity magazine for quick and easy velocity changes and a wide range of power adjustments. The Hammer Forged Nitrate Coated TJ barrel produces sub-MOA groups at 100 yards. The Western Rattler 357 is also equipped with a 20 MOA Picatinny scope rail, dual side rails and a Picatinny bottom rail along with dual safeties, AR-style interchangeable grip, synthetic cheek piece, butt pad and two gauges displaying bottle and regulator pressures. 

Retail: $2,695


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