G5’s 2014 All-New G5 Prime Alloy Bow

The All New 2014 Prime Alloy provides the ideal blend of strength, weight, forgiveness and versatility to give you the ultimate edge on accuracy while keeping your pack light.
G5’s 2014 All-New G5 Prime Alloy Bow

G5® Outdoors, the leading manufacturer in premium archery equipment is proud to introduce a new model to their popular line up of Prime™ bows for 2014, the All New Prime AlloyTM.

The All New 2014 Prime Alloy gives you the ultimate edge on accuracy while keeping your pack light. With an IBO speed of 335, and an “Out of the Box (OTB)” true weight of 4.2 lbs. – including all dampening components, the Alloy provides the ideal blend of strength, weight, forgiveness and versatility. This is achieved by uniting Prime’s parallel cam system, all new flexing roller guard and rigid riser.

“The new Prime Alloy is a great addition to our already solid lineup of Prime Bows,” stated CEO Matt Grace. “We are thrilled with the overall performance, design and craftsmanship of the Alloy and know that it will be atop every archer’s wish list for 2014.”

The Alloy features G5’s exclusive Parallel Cam Technology which makes CAM LEAN a problem of the past, as this industry leading design balances the load equally on each side of the cable resulting in virtually no CAM LEAN, reduced horizontal nock travel, and reduced limb fatigue. In addition to the Parallel Cam Design, the Alloy offers a long list of features: 

  • Forged-Machined 7000 Series Riser– We start with a solid 7000 series forged riser, creating the strongest platform available. Then we CNC machine to produce a precise riser that has minimal torque and flex to enhance accuracy and shootability.
  • Extra Wide Limbs– The extra-wide limbs create a solid and stable platform to increase accuracy and shootablility. The increased width also enhances limb strength and reliability in the field and the range.
  • 8190 BCY Strings– One of the toughest and most efficient bowstrings available. This BCY material is stronger, more reliable and faster.
  • Flexing Roller Guard– The all new cable roller guard features an easy adjustment for optimum clearance with any fletching and arrow combination. Combined with a high-tensile flexible steel spring which produces a more consistent and reliable system. It reduces cam movement by allowing cables to flex inward during the shot but clearing out of the way once the arrow is released.
  • Ultra Fit Grip– High-performance rubber molded grip provides extra comfort and a consistent grip for all archers. It can be removed for archers demanding a thinner grip but still feels amazing in hand.


IBO Speed (FPS):  335
Axle to axle (in):  33.25”
Brace Height:  6.75”
Mass Weight:  4.2 lbs (OTB)
Draw Length:  26” - 30”
Draw Weight (lbs):  50, 60, 70
Available In:  OptifadeTM Forest, OptifadeTM Open Country, Realtree Extra or Jet Black
MSRP:  $999 (camo) $1,049 (black)


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