Video: New-for-2024 Beiter Insert Nock (.204)

P.J. Reilly from Lancaster Archery Supply explains why the new-for-2024 Beiter Insert Nock is an excellent choice for your hunting and target arrows.

Video: New-for-2024 Beiter Insert Nock (.204)

New for 2024, Beiter has reintroduced its former 5-19 nock as the .204 Insert Nock for arrows with an inside diameter of .204 inches or 5mm. The nock is available in Asymmetrical #1 (Small Groove), Asymmetrical #2 (Large Groove), and Hunter (Symmetric) configurations. Note: Archers should shoot with the Beiter logo on top when shooting asymmetric nocks.

As explained by P.J. Reilly in the 5-minute YouTube video below, every Beiter nock of one size comes out of the same mold for supreme consistency. This process offers the highest precision and tightest tolerances, ensuring a consistent fit on the bowstring for maximum accuracy.

Click here for the Beiter Nock compatibility chart. MSRP: $15.50/12-pack. Contact:


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