Victory Archery RIP Series Hunting Arrows

Designed for speed and penetration, the RIP from Victory Archery has a 100 percent high-modulus carbon shaft with a diameter of only .204 inches.

Victory Archery RIP Series Hunting Arrows

Victory Archery RIP Gamer

RIP series shafts from Victory Archery comes spine aligned by the dozen (like all Victory arrows) and have some of the tightest straightness tolerances of any arrows in the industry. The RIP Elite version (MSRP $84.99 per six fletched arrows) has a straightness tolerance of only ±.001 inches, while the more economical RIP Gamer ($74.99) and RIP Sport ($59.99) versions offer tolerances of ±.003 and ±.006 inches. These hunting arrows also have a guaranteed weight tolerance of ±0.5 grains.

The RIP’s 100 percent high-modulus carbon shaft measures only .204 inches, which means this arrow is designed for speed, penetration and minimal wind drift. RIP arrows feature Victory Archery’s MAXXKE Technology with an advanced 3K carbon weave so your arrows fly with less torque and faster in-flight recovery. In addition, the proven ICE Nano Ceramic Coating on the exterior of the arrow maximizes penetration on big game and makes for easy removal from targets. 

RIP series hunting arrows are available with spines from 300-800 and come set up from the factory with SHOK outsert broadhead adapters.

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