Scent Thief Trophy Pack and Wafer

Scent Thief says its Trophy Pack and Wafer will increase your odds for success in the whitetail woods by reducing a deer’s chance of smelling you.

Scent Thief Trophy Pack and Wafer

For deer hunters who want to stay undetected through every stage of the hunt — from truck to treestand — Scent Thief has introduced the Trophy Pack to their scent elimination product lineup. Featuring Scent Thief’s No Smell technology, which the company says relaxes an animal’s olfactory epithelium so it can no longer detect odors of any kind, including human odor, the kit contains Scent Thief’s Body Wash and Shampoo, Field Spray, Laundry Detergent and a bonus field wafer. The addition of the wafer allows hunters to create a “No Smell Area” by placing one or two wafers upwind of their stand location. The wafers come in a resealable package and last up to two days. MSRP: $39.99. Contact:

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