Real Avid Level-Right PRO Scope Leveling Tool

You can be sure to have your scope mounted straight with use of the Real Avid Level-Right PRO Scope Leveling Tool.

Real Avid Level-Right PRO Scope Leveling Tool

The Level-Right PRO from Real Avid is a highly accurate system that ensures proper scope reticle alignment to a rifle’s bore axis and prevents left or right drift of the bullet’s point-of-impact when shooting past the zeroed distance. Most scope tools attempt to level the rifle’s barreled action and the scope independently using small bubble levels and indexing scope alignment off the turret, which is an imprecise method. The Level-Right PRO indexes with the radii of the barrel and the scope objective bell simultaneously to level the entire barreled action and scope assembly utilizing a Reticle Light and a leveled Precision Alignment Grid placed behind the rifle. The light projects the reticle onto the grid, allowing the installer to simply rotate the scope until the projected reticle aligns with the grid’s vertical and horizontal planes. MSRP: $69.99. Contact:

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