Primal Treestands Emergency Descender

Hanging in a safety harness after a fall from a treestand for too long can be fatal. The Emergency Descender from Primal Treestands lowers a hunter to the ground automatically after a fall.

Primal Treestands Emergency Descender

The leg straps of a full-body safety harness can interrupt blood flow to and from a hunter’s legs after just a few minutes of hanging after a fall, leading to a condition known as suspension trauma, which can sometimes be fatal. As the photos above show, the new Emergency Descender from Primal Treestands automatically lowers the hunter to the ground immediately after a fall. The hands-free operation means even if the hunter is injured or unconscious, the Emergency Descender will gradually and automatically lower the hunter safely to the ground.

The Emergency Descender is designed to be used in conjunction with a full-body safety harness and is rated for hunters weighing between 120 and 300 pounds. The Emergency Descender weighs only 2 pounds and is small enough to fit in a pocket or treestand pack. The one-time use Emergency Descender can be hung as high as 25 feet from the ground and uses a friction-based system to provide a controlled-rate descent.

Suggested retail price of the Emergency Descender is $50. It includes one tree strap, one Descender and one carabiner.

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