Four New Bows from Xpedition Archery

Xpedition Archery has introduced four compounds with all-new features to its 2020 lineup.

Four New Bows from Xpedition Archery

Left to right: Four new-for-2020 compounds from Xpedition Archery: MX-15, MX-16, DLX and Xscape.

Bowhunters looking for a new flagship bow from Xpedition Archery have a lot to choose from in 2020. The company recently announced four new-for-2020 compounds.   

The Mako X series — MX-15 and MX-16 — was developed with precision forging and a caged riser designed to be incredibly stable while reducing shot noise and vibration. The series also features a new limb pocket system that maintains alignment through the entire power stroke of the bow. These bows are powered by the new Hybrid Duel Stop (HDS) cam that allows shooters to choose between limb stop, cable stop or a combination of both. This advancement will let them fine-tune to their exact shooting style. Brace height on the 32.75-inch MX-15 is 5 inches. The MX-16 has the same axle-to-axle measurement but has a brace height of 6 inches. MSRP for each bow is $1,199.

The reinvented Denali LX (DLX) is built on the same overall platform as its predecessor. It shares the same brace height (6.5 inches) and axle-to-axle length (34 inches), but is vastly improved to enhance the shooting experience. The forged caged riser, updated limb pocket design and the HDS cam create a crossover bow that perfectly blends stability, consistency and performance for the competition line or in the treestand. MSRP: $1,249.

The 30-inch axle-to-axle Xscape shares a riser design and look that blends the Xplorer and Mako X. Its forgiving 6-inch brace height pushes the limits of the compact bow category, with IBO speeds reaching 350 FPS. This design has a more rigid riser for stability, maintains a lightweight compact profile, features HDS cams with rotating mods and a newly designed limb pocket system. The HDS cam provides an IBO rating up to 350 fps and the ability to manipulate the back wall with limb or cable stops. This bow blends lightweight maneuverability with precision performance. MSRP: $1,149. 

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