Fort Knox Maverick Home Security Vault

When securing firearms and other valuables is a high priority, the Fort Knox Maverick vault is a great solution.

Fort Knox Maverick Home Security Vault

The Fort Knox Maverick home vault is a versatile and affordable option for anyone seeking high-quality security for their firearms and other valuable possessions. This entry-level model offers robust protection with 10-gauge steel thickness, .375-inch door edge thickness and a fire protection rating of 75 minutes at 1,200°F, which is comparable to more expensive vaults on the market.

Beyond firearm storage, the Maverick vault is an excellent option for safeguarding other valuables, such as jewelry, important documents and electronics, thanks to its sturdy construction. The vault’s secure locking mechanism, with 9-11 locking bolts, provides protection against unauthorized access, making it a reliable and secure storage solution. The Maverick vault delivers a balance between price and quality, providing peace of mind without a hefty price tag. MSRP: $2,508/Starting price. Contact:


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