Carbon Express Maxima Triad Hunting Arrow

Featuring an extra-small .166-inch inside diameter, the Carbon Express Maxima Triad hunting arrow is designed for durability, decreased wind drift and maximum penetration.

Carbon Express Maxima Triad Hunting Arrow

The new-for-2020 Maxima Triad utilizes Carbon Express’ Tri-Spine technology in an extra-small .166-inch inside diameter hunting shaft designed for performance-driven bowhunters. The Maxima Triad is constructed using Carbon Express’ Redzone technology, where the front and rear sections of the arrow are comprised of a stiffer carbon material, while the center maintains a third weaker for increased recovery out of the bow — with less than one-third the oscillation of single spine arrows. The arrow’s extra small diameter means thicker walls for more durability, decreased wind drift and exceptional penetration. Premium components include a BullDog nock collar, LaunchPad precision nock and an exclusive 97-grain, two-part in-outsert system that guards the front of the shaft to create exceptional FOC (front of center) balance. MSRP: $279/12-pack of bare shafts. Contact:

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