Big & J Legit Attractant

Big & J Legit combines true mineral benefits with long-range attracting ability.

Big & J Legit Attractant

Legit from Big & J is a mineral product formulated to draw deer in and help aid antler growth at the same time. Legit contains key trace minerals, including a high calcium and phosphorus content that makes up for the deficiency of those minerals in nature to promote antler growth. The supplement also contains an intense apple aroma and flavor. Big & J employs its Smart Nugget manufacturing process to create a product that ensures more consistent mineral content in each nugget of Legit. 

According to Big & J’s Josh Kinser, “For maximum benefit once hunting season rolls around, build your bait sites along travel corridors, near water and in other areas where deer feel safe and travel.”

To create a bait site that will maximize Legit’s efficiency, hunters and land managers should start using Legit in when bucks begin growing their antlers and does are preparing their bodies nutritionally to give birth to fawns. Rake an area clear of leaves and debris and then loosen the exposed soil. Pour Legit onto the ground and work it into the soil, replenishing the site every 2 months so deer continue to visit.

Suggested retail price for a 5-pound bag (top photo) of Legit is $12.99; a 15-pound bag (right) is $29.99.

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