Xtreme Build: Learn How Cutting Edge Bullets Are Made

Cutting Edge Bullets are crafted with precision to provide the best possible performance at the range or in the field. Watch to find out how these bullets are made.

In this episode of Predator Xtreme Build, we head to Pennsylvania to find out how Cutting Edge Bullets are made in the custom shop of Cutting Edge Machining Solutions.

Daniel Smitchko founded Cutting Edge Machining Solutions in 2001 and offers precision parts made from CNC Swiss Style Lathes. This type of technologically superior lathe is renowned for its ability to machine extremely small, precision parts. Cutting Edge Machining Solutions machines precision parts for medical, aerospace, firearms, architectural, electronic and other industries.

While contemplating several ideas, not long after creating the company Smitchko realized he was in the perfect position to combine his passion for precision machining with his obsession for long range hunting. After more than a year and 47 revisions to his idea, Cutting Edge Bullets was the result. They are an advanced copper bullet that performs better in terms of trajectory, accuracy and terminal performance.

After quickly coming up with a basic idea, research and testing began. Cutting Edge Bullets employs a hollow-point design that holds together well if bone is hit. If only soft tissue is hit, the bullet expands rapidly to cause massive damage. The bullets also have a special, patented characteristic called the SealTite™ Band. This feature is the key to sealing the bullet into the rifle barrel grooves.

Xtreme Build: Learn How Cutting Edge Bullets Are Made; Season 1 Ep. 1


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