Product Profile: Scent-Lok Native Species

By utilizing proven Vertigo camo, great fit and a variety of fabrics, this affordable “traditional” camo line seeks to aid success of customers and retailers alike.
Product Profile: Scent-Lok Native Species

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scent lok fleece jacket

Mike Andrews says Scent-Lok is going viral … in a good way. The company isn’t resting on the laurels of its highly regarded activated carbon scent control garment systems. It has come out strong in 2011 with Level One antimicrobial garments and the new, Native Species traditional (though non-odor-suppressing) outdoor camo line.

“Level One antimicrobial garments don’t adsorb odor,” says Andrews, Scent-Lok’s Vice President of Marketing, “but they are specifically designed to help inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause some body odor. Used in combination with activated carbon technology—in gear like Scent-Lok’s Savanna series – these combo outfits create a clothing system that deliver a very high level of performance, even when temperatures are high while you’re scouting in pre-season or for those early season hunts.”

Scent-Lok’s new Native Species outdoor garment line is intended to serve a very specific purpose. “We are targeting big game hunters with high quality, core products for a wide variety of weather conditions with attractive price points,” says Andrews. “These are hunting and outdoor garments that any retailer can proudly sell to customers.”

Moving outside their customary niche is a big order, but Scent-Lok has been in business selling odor-eliminating camouflage for nearly 20 years—a long time by some standards—so the company obviously knows what its doing.

Scent-Lok’s Native Species garments are printed exclusively in Vertigo, a camouflage pattern that its parent company, ALS, developed in 2009. Vertigo comes in tan or gray background. In tan the camo serves hunters on the ground and later in the season when green foliage begins to turn. In gray, Vertigo is ideal for elevated treestand hunting or for late season hunting when trees are bare or snow is on the ground.

A wide-context pattern, Vertigo reduces a game animal’s opportunity to distinguish a human form by using large, highly-contrasting shapes in the positive and negative regions of a garment. Traditional camouflage patterns, though excellent at close range, tend to create a dark blob shape as distances increase. Vertigo uses the principles of counter-shading, lighter tones and shading on lower panels or underneath and natural camouflaging to reduce the “blob effect.”

According to Andrews, Native Species outdoor garments in Vertigo camo can be divided into four categories plus accessories:

1. ThunderHawk (waterproof): hooded lightweight jacket with articulated elbows and chest, rib and inside security pockets; pants with double-articulated knees and 21-inch leg zippers; bib coveralls with 30- inch leg zippers and removable or adjustable suspenders; and 4-in-1 parka with removable insulated liner,

2. All-Season (soft-shell): deluxe jacket with yoked shoulders; pants with articulated knees; and ?eece-lined hoodie,

3. Wild Wolf (fleece): parka length jacket with draw cords; vest with seamless sides and hand-warmer pockets,

4. DuraHunt (rip-stop cotton): insulated hooded bomber jacket with deep hand warmer pockets and knit cuffs; long sleeve tee; six-pocket hunting pants with ankle ties and

5. Accessories (in Vertigo tan and gray): six-panel hunting cap; pop-top gloves (the benefits of a glove and a mitten); snug-fitting, fleece Wild Wolf beanie; Radar hat with a fold down ear cover.

“Each category offers a narrow assortment of key items that hunters have counted on for many years,” says Andrews. “With updated designs, wearer-friendly fabrics such as rip-stop cotton and micro-tricot, and features such as flat seams under the arms to prevent scraping and cha?ng this clothing is a step above any other mass-marketed product.”

Native Species garments were designed for performance outcomes. Consequently they are styled and stitched with extra contours to fit body shape, not just “camo bags” in various sizes.“ All of our garments received special detailed cuts for articulation to improve the fit especially around the contours of the body,” says Andrews, “knees and elbows. Released April-to-May 2011, this clothing is going to be a great value for hunters because they are the right fabrics in the right designs. This hunting camo always enhances performance, never inhibits it.”

But Scent-Lok’s specialty is clothing that will reduce human odor. Why develop a traditional line of clothing to enter an already crowded field?

“Scent-Lok activated carbon technology—combined with a good shower and scrub with non-scented soap plus a layer of our Level One microbial—is still the very best way a hunter can reduce his scent signature,” Andrews says.

“But hunters need traditional camo clothing that will work in tandem with an effective scent-control system and that’s where Native Species comes into the picture. By getting into this market, Scent-Lok is delivering more effective products designed for every hunting opportunity. The upside for hunters and for retailers is improving comfort and satisfaction with classic value-priced designs from the category’s apparel leader— from a name they know and trust. There isn’t a downside.”

Learn more about Scent-Lok and its garment lines by visiting its web sites at, or on Minimum advertised prices (MAP) are listed in the Scent-Lok catalog. Follow Scent-Lok on or call (800) 315-5799.

Scent-Lok offers a free, 24/7 retail training program to dealers. The purpose says Nick Andrews, visual & communications manager for Scent-Lok, is to “provide a training and incentive program that teaches about our products and technology and motivates associates to drive sales. We want guys to understand our brands and what each offers. And the program is going gangbusters.”

Andrews says the training is effective and sales oriented: “It’s like a game and lets employees compete on knowledge and speed, while it reinforces the Scent-Lok message. Trainees get rewards for successful completion. It’s completely paperless, abuse-resistant and has a very high priority in our organization.”

To get started, sign up at Click the “Sign Up” button and follow the prompts. If you have questions, contact Mike Wiseman at (800) 315-5799.

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