Hang-On Treestands for 2011

Compact, portable, lightweight, and ultra-comfortable—all in the same stand? Yes, the best of the Class of 2011 feature all these…and more!
Hang-On Treestands for 2011
tjd treestand


TJD’s (877-862-5885; www.tjdhunting.com) starts this group off with a big bang. Offered in two platform sizes, 30x36 ($900) and 40x36 ($1,136) inches, the Treestand Wood ‘N Trail is like no other stand we’ve seen. Three 54-inch sections of rail are included with either model, with the option of purchasing extra rails ($155). The rail attaches to the tree, much like a traditional ladder stick. After attaching the first, the user then mounts the stand on the rail. From there, one can use the supplied crank, user-supplied drill, or an optional motor attachment to turn the worm gear and run the stand up the rails, adding more as they go. Constructed of steel, these stands have a 350-pound rating and can be put up by a single hunter in 12 minutes. For those who refuse to or simply can’t climb, this just may be an answer for getting up in trees.

leverage treestand

Leverage Treestands

Leverage Treestands (800-450-3343; www.leveragetreestands.com) jumps into the stand market in a big way with three new hang-ons. All three have a 21.25x27.75-inch single cast aluminum platform, utilizing a honeycomb design. This design offers greater strength, while shaving weight. They also are all dual post designs with Over Center Levering for incredible “bite” into the tree and greatly enhanced stability. They share their own platform and seat leveling systems, enabling a perfectly level seat and platform on trees with as much as a 10-degree lean. Finally, they all come with accessory hooks and have a flip-up, dual layered, foam-padded seat, covered in a deadly quiet, waterproof Tricot.

Both weighing just under 14 pounds, the only difference between the Hang On Treestand 5100 ($199) and Hang On Treestand 5100C ($259) is that the 5100C comes in full Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo, whereas the 5100 and the Deluxe Hang On 5150 ($249) use a durable black sand powder coat finish. The 5150 also has adjustable, padded armrests and a pivoting footrest, and weighs 14 pounds on the nose. All three come with padded, adjustable packing straps and are fully assembled.

gorilla king kong treestand


Gorilla’s (877-685-7817; www.gorillatreestands.com) 20.5-pound Pro Series King Kong Expedition HX ($180) is a steel stand with a 24x30-inch platform, built in footrest, a 20x16.5-inch Comfort Mesh flip up seat, armrest, and backrest. Utilizing the XLS (Extreme Leveling System), the stand can achieve a level seat and platform in trees with a bit of lean. Also, Gorilla’s exclusive XT-6 red nylon bushings and washers help eliminate the common sources of noise.

ameristep bone collector deluxe


The Bone Collector Deluxe Hang-On ($160) is new from Ameristep (810-686-4035; www.ameristep.com). With its tough-as-nails steel construction weighing a still-manageable 30 pounds, it has a 24x30-inch platform and flip-up footrest. It also features the flip-up DuraSling seat, made of weatherproof and wear-resistant material. The quiet non-stretch material resists fading, mildew, and rot.

ol man roost treestand

Ol’ Man Outdoors

Ol’ Man Outdoors (850-521-5838; www.olmanoutdoors.com) now offers its Roost Fixed Position Stand in both a 22.5-pound steel ($140) and 15-pound aluminum ($190) version, but they are identical in every other way. The top chain attachment is enclosed in a silencing sleeve, with an additional ratchet strap securing near the 24x32-inch platform. The stand features fold-away armrests and an aptly named Comfortech net seat.

muddy bloodsport treestand

Muddy Outdoors

The new Bloodsport ($219), by Muddy Outdoors (877-366-8339; www.gomuddy.com) is an aluminum constructed stand. It is intended for the mobile, athletic hunter who may just switch spots during a set or need a quick stand in a spot and stalk situation. With patented cam locks a hunter can get in and up silently, safely, and quickly.

c and c resin true quiet treestand

C&C Innovations

C&C Innovations’ (315-790-3686; www.treestandhunter.com) Resin True Quiet ($179) is made of nylon glass. Touted to have the strength of steel, weight of aluminum, and dead silence, it weighs just 14.5 pounds, has a 20x30-inch platform, and the standard 300-pound weight ranting. With a two-ratchet strap attachment system, its materials are truly impervious to the elements.

family tradition heavy duty hang on

Family Tradition Treestands

The Heavy Duty Hang On ($219), from Family Tradition Treestands (517-543-3926; www.familytraditiontreestands.com), offers a newly improved T-Handle screw, provided to hold the stand in place while securing to the tree with two ratchet straps. It’s now machined for a finer point and sharper blades to more easily dig into the tree. It comes with the HD/HO flip-up seat, a platform measuring 25x31 inches, and durable high-heat powder coating on top of galvanized steel. It weighs 19 pounds.

amacker treestand


Amacker’s (800-AMACKER; www.amacker.com) Jack Plate Timb-R-Lock Hang-On Treestand ($160) accommodates nearly any tree, whether it’s vertical, horizontal, or anything in between. Once the 25x33-inch platform is in place, the stabilizer pin is removed to allow the seat and platform to level at any angle. Weighing 19 pounds, this green powder-coated steel stand is one of the most flexible we’ve seen.

sniper blackhawk treestand

Sniper Treestands

The steel Blackhawk ($80) from Sniper Treestands (507-831-2540; www.snipertreestands.com) has a 24x30-inch platform and weighs 18 pounds. The 1.5-inch-thick padded seat flips up, as does the padded footrest. It uses a 2-inch-wide nylon strap to fasten the stand to the tree, accommodating trees as small as 9 inches in diameter.

lone wolf assault 2

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf (309-691-6953; www.lonewolfstands.com) made significant production changes for 2011, starting with moving it back to the USA. Along with that big move, all stand platforms, including hang-ons, have undergone a complete redesign. This can be seen in the Assault II ($239). The lightest hang-on Lone Wolf offers, it weighs…just 11 pounds! Its 26x19.5-inch one-piece cast aluminum platform is widened in the rear for added stability and contains a newly designed In Cast Bow Holder, now accommodating most parallel limb bows. It also has a new, larger 14x12-inch seat. Of course, it offers all the traditional Lone Wolf bells and whistles, including Off-Set Bracket and Self Leveling technologies.


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