Big ticket predator hunting

The annual Dallas Safari Club convention is a major mall of shopping opportunities for hunters seeking claws and fangs on a global scale.
Big ticket predator hunting

Have you ever wondered what it might cost to travel the world in search of predators big and small, but mostly big? The annual Dallas Safari Club convention is a major mall of shopping opportunities for hunters seeking claws and fangs on a global scale. Here’s a sample of 2013 offerings…

A hunter admires a leopard mount at the Dallas Safari Club show, Jan. 3-6, 2013, at the Dallas Convention Center. Always the first major hunting expo of the year, the event offers predator hunters their first opportunity to book the best hunts and best dates with top outfits from around the world.

Think you’re ready to handle a lynx? For $6,000, you too may hunt and hoist one of these cunning critters in the cold Canadian snow. If you’re wondering whether that’ll be worth the price, ask yourself this: How many of your buddies have a lynx in their trophy room?

South Africa is known for wicked predator hunting. An outfitter at the Dallas Safari Club show is offering a 7-day lioness and plains game hunt, priced to sell at $20,550. With that, you and one observer can hunt one lioness, one gemsbok, one black or blue wildebeest, one hartebeest, one warthog and one steenbok or duiker. Sorry fellas, blondes not included.

You’d be cheering too if you’d just taken a beast like this. No better way to test your predator-hunting skills than behind a big Kamchatka bruin. One hunter can travel to Russia for an outfitted, 9-day brown bear hunt for $11,500. Warning: Pack extra shorts.

An outfitter exhibiting at the Dallas Safari Club show offered a 14-day hunt for a leopard. The adventure will take $35,500 out of your pocket for one hunter and one non-hunter in Namibia. Pansies need not apply.

Holy black bear! This Yukon Territory black bear met its demise at the hands of a hunter who paid $7,500 for the opportunity. The 8-day hunt is for one hunter and includes trophy fees and not one—but two—black bears. Seriously, could you imagine packing out two of these? Luckily, they have guides for that.

One of Earth’s ultimate predators—an Alaskan wolf—can be yours for $10K, and that includes a side trip for some great wingshooting, too. As if the deal couldn’t get any sweeter, you can upgrade the hunt for an additional $5K to include an early-season brown bear. What a steal.

Backcountry British Columbia for seven days? Yes, please. An outfitter at the Dallas Safari Club show offered a trip for one hunter to experience cougar chasin’ for $8,500. That’s way better than spending your dollars at some dive bar looking for cougars. Hunters can choose their method of take and can upgrade to include lynx and bobcat.

What predator hunter wouldn’t want to wrap his arms around a trophy like this? Namibia is the place to do it. A hunter could have this hunt for $18,265, which includes trophy fee, 12 solid days of hunting and one whopper of a feline.

This bear appears to have swallowed a VW. A 5-day hunt for a bear like this in Canada can be yours for $10,700. If you hear of a missing VW in the area, the reward could help offset the cost of the hunt.

Does South Africa house great predator hunting? This guy thinks so. He took a 3-day lioness hunt for a cost of $10,736. Many hunters at the Dallas Safari Club convention and expo say that’s a small price to pay for such a great trophy.

Will it take you 10 days in Alaska to take down a giant brown bear? Possibly, but it will definitely take you $14,000. In Alaska, you can hunt black bear without a guide, but not brown bear or grizzly. Several outfitters can hook you up.

Christmas gift idea for 2013: an ultimate Alaskan wolf hunt. For $28,500, you and your best hunting buddy (me) can enjoy a 6-day backcountry adventure for serious hunters who want to see unpressured packs. Merry, merry!

All in all, the Dallas Safari Club convention and expo of 2013 was a bonanza of happiness for anyone interested in hunting predators around the U.S. and across the planet. Hope to see you there in 2014! Visit


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