WATCH: How to Skin a Coyote With Compressed Air

When you need to skin a coyote, this cool video from Ohio Fur Chasers shows one easy way to do it.
WATCH: How to Skin a Coyote With Compressed Air

Many years ago I shot a gorgeous female coyote while deer hunting when she and her bigger mate came out of the woods near me.

By gorgeous, I mean she had white and gray and yellow fur that was thick and lush. This was in winter and the pair looked like something that would've been found on the neck of a Russian mobster's wife. Beautiful full coats, thick fur, bushy tail. I tried to bolt my .243 in time to drill the mate but he got away.

I took it home and called a taxidermist I knew to see about getting a mount done. The answer was quick and succinct: "No." He explained that he didn't do coyotes, skunks, snakes or anyone's pets, the first three due to the aroma and the latter because he thought that was weird. He stayed busy with whitetail and mule deer and the occasional elk or pronghorn, so he wasn't hurting for business.

Coyotes darn sure don't smell like Love Potion No. 9 so I get why taxidermists aren't keen on funking up their workspace with stinkin' songdogs. Trappers, well, trappers are unique folks so getting a little funky is right up their alley. (I'd insert a smiley face emoji here but we don't do that.)

If you do need to skin a coyote for some reason, though, this cool video from Ohio Fur Chasers might just be the easiest way to do it.


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