Video: Gators surviving icy waters goes viral

How do alligators survive winter? In the most amazing way.

Video: Gators surviving icy waters goes viral

You've probably never wondered how alligators survive cold winters. Spoiler: it turns out the answer is incredible.

Shallotte River Swamp Park representatives recently had TV news stations flock to their park in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, after the park posted photos of alligators in their brumation state. The gators did not disappoint.

Check out the video above and photos below of Shallotte River Swamp Park's gators surviving icy conditions the natural way. It's really something.

Brumation is a natural state cold-blood animals experience during winter. It is a hibernation-like state that allows them to conserve energy through slowing their metabolism to survive cold weather. It is basically the reptile version of mammal's hibernation. For alligators, they breathe through their nose while the rest of their bodies remain underwater while remaining overall non-responsive.

Video credit: KRIS 6 News (YouTube)

Featured image: iStock


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