How To Avoid Dehydration While Scouting, Hunting Predators This Summer

When temperatures break 90 degrees, it’s time to be serious about your fluid intake when heading outdoors. Follow these simple steps for staying in the game this summer.
How To Avoid Dehydration While Scouting, Hunting Predators This Summer

Up to 75 percent of the human body is made up of water. With summer bearing down on the United States and heat waves already in place in areas of the country, you need to consider hydration for any strenuous-hunting activity. This includes summer predator scouting and hunts for pesky varmints or marauding coyotes. Keep these hydration facts in mind as you abandon the truck’s air conditioning and wander around under the sun. A few simple steps will keep you healthy and on the hunt longer. Plus, you won’t be a candidate for a future search and rescue team operation.

  • The average human needs two or more quarts of water a day to survive. This is a minimum amount. If you’re hunting in hot or extreme terrains you’ll need more. In extreme heat or humidity you could gulp four quarts or more to stay hydrated.
  • It’s been estimated that nearly 70 percent of Americans are dehydrated on a daily basis. Soda, coffee and other drinks just don’t cut it in extreme conditions beyond the office.
  • Being thirsty is the first sign of dehydration, but so is a reduced amount of urine and having it change to an extreme yellow, concentrated color. Dry mouth, no sweating, nausea and weakness are also sure signs of dehydration.
  • In extreme dehydration your body can go into a coma or shut down. At the very least you could become confused and disorientated. Death can occur, so it is nothing to gamble on.
  • Fluid replacement is the cure for dehydration, but in severe cases an IV drip could be required. Electrolyte solutions may be helpful, but take in a steady, non-gulping manner.Once your urine output begins to normalize and the color mellows you should be on the track to continuing your day. If you feel extreme dehydration occurred, get medical attention immediately.

Water is hard to beat for hydration chores, but there are products on the market that specialize in jumpstarting your hydration needs with a beneficial dose of elements to keep you strong and moving forward. Some of the more convenient products include drink mixes. This gives you the option of drinking your water plain or prepping it with a concentrated drink mix to help in hydration.

One product on the market that focuses on hunters is the Sqwincher brand of all-day hydration drink mix. Not only is it charged with electrolytes, it has less sodium and contains a boost of potassium to aid in decreasing muscle cramps. In addition to the Sqwincher mixes they also manufacture Sqwincher Electrolyte Chews for an even easier pick me up. Rip open the packet and chew the gummy-bear-like boosters. You’ll feel the effects quickly and ready to tackle the midday heat.

Watch the weather, hunt extreme, hunt smart, but don’t overdo it. Stay hydrated, stay healthy and stay on the hunt.


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