From the Readers: Hurry up no huddle coyote

This reader experienced a coyote coming in so quick he needed to grab the shotgun.
From the Readers: Hurry up no huddle coyote

FTR-Small-LogoBy D.L. Fant | Weatherford, Texas

In football, on offense, we had a quick count. When it was called we went to the line and the quarterback wouldn't say the usual (down, set, hut) he would just lean over center and as soon as he did the center would hike the ball. The idea was to surprise the defense and catch them off guard. That's what happened to me the other day.

I shot a dog on the previous stand. He came in pretty quick — at about the 10-minute mark. So on the next stand I set the decoy and the E-caller up, walked back to the hide, selected the sound, ran the volume up, leaned in to my scope to get a look at everything just in time to see a song dog run into my field of view. He was so close (30 feet) I shot and missed! I reached over and gabbed the shotgun and took two shots, hitting him both times and killing him with the second.

After taking in what had just happened for a second or two I looked at the timer on the remote — 40 seconds had elapsed! I've called varmints for about 40 years and that one caught me by surprise! I've never had one come in that fast.

FTR Hurry up no huddle

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