Stick and String Predator Hunting

Archery and hound hunting is a natural mix, but toting a cumbersome, grabby compound bow holding a quiver of arrows through thick brush and rough terrain comes with obvious pitfalls.

Stick and String Predator Hunting

Traditional bows are a good match for close and personal predator hunts with hounds.

When choosing archery tackle for a hound hunt a great option is a takedown recurve easily stashed in a daypack until your prize is brought to bay. Perhaps the most ideal hound-hunting option is Bear Archery’s renowned Takedown. These recurves not only shoot beautifully but require no tools for nearly instant assembly. Like the handgun caveat, shooting a traditional bow well requires plenty of smart practice, perhaps even the assistance of an archery coach. 

Unwieldy 28- to 30-inch arrows become another hindrance. Make your own takedown arrows by cutting aluminum 2216 shafts in half and epoxying a short length of 2013 shaft into one of the created halves. The 2013 shaft fits snuggly inside the 2216, allowing a tight, straight-shooting joint. Halved, feather-fletched arrows (with broadheads installed) can be safely stored in a homemade PVC case and stuffed in a daypack, keeping both arrows and hunter safe from injury.


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