Archery Bowsights for 2011

Plenty of innovation aimed at making sight pins brighter make for an exciting time in sight development.
Archery Bowsights for 2011


Famed riflescope maker Trijicon (800-338-0563; is going bowhunting! The aluminum AccuPin ($495) uses a triangular aiming point atop a fiber optic up-pin continually self-illuminated by tritium—for continuous visibility without batteries. The sight level is not just attached, but is built into the round scope housing. A green, high-visibility aiming circle synchd with your peep around the aperture. Dial this sight to your arrow speed and it is otherwise finger-tip-adjustable with the large, laser-etched dial. Lifetime guarantee.

TruGlo Apex

The unusual but highly stylized Apex Nano Dot Electronic Sight ($173) from Apex (972-774-0300; gives a precise aiming dot approximating a 0.010 fiber optic dot for any-distance shooting and fast target acquisition. The optics and micro-adjust mounting bracket are designed specifically for archery, and it’s coated in TruGlo/Apex TruTouch soft-feel coating. Includes dual-color rheostat, removable quiver mount, and glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring and yardage tape. Battery included (3V-CR2032).

Tactical Archery Systems

Tactical Archery (877-686-7226; has introduced the 9.8-ounce SABO Sight ($170), inspired by U.S. military technology for rapid target and aiming point acquisition. Called a “Superimposed Ambient Ballistic Optic,” dots are generated from fiber optic-gathered ambient light, thus trophies taken are Pope & Young-legal. The dots are projected into a coated concave lens that magnifies their intensity and generates the superimposed holographic dot images that track the archer’s point of impact. The independently adjustable dots appear to “float” in the lens. It’s a peepless sighting system with optional LED light enhancement. Right hand only.

G5 Outdoors

G5 Outdoors (866-456-8836; offers a breed of hunting sights made from magnesium, light but durable. Each of G5’s Optix sights weigh less than 6 ounces.

With a 3X micro-adjust system, Mathews harmonic damper, bubble level, hooded visor and arrow bumper, the new Optix XR2 ($200) is a unique two-pin sight. The top floating pin incorporates Smart Pin Technology while the second pin is a hybrid-floating pin. The hybrid pin allows for more yardage adjustment. These pins never deviate from the centerline of sight. Top pin .029 or .019; bottom pin .019. Optional sight light.


Inside its sights Spot-Hogg (888-302-7768; fiber optic cable is now housed in aluminum sleeves. These are the new Bulletproof Pins ($6/red, green, or yellow), and Spot-Hogg is equipping each of its sights with them to prevent snagging and breaking of fiber optic cable. All diameter cables, .010, .019 and .029, are now “virtually indestructible.”

Bulletproof Pins are now standard on Spot-Hogg sights like the new black Hogg-It ($234/5-pins, 2.75-inch aperture), which comes in 3-, 5- or 7-pin configurations. In addition to individually micro-adjustable pins, the Hogg-It pin guard includes a vertical aiming wire for faster alignment. Dovetail-mounted, this sight includes a bubble level. All Spot-Hogg sights come with round pin guards and white alignment rings.

Extreme Archery

The 911 Raptor ($70) from Extreme Archery (606-928-9447; has a 1 5/8-inch wire-frame aluminum housing for increased light gathering. The 911 has tool-less, stainless adjustment screws and four fiber optic pins plus an extended easy-to-change fiber optic. The level and sun shade are built-in. A bubble level, rear-mounted rheostat light, and fluorescent orange center ring are included. Comes in black soft-feel coating or camo.

Cobra Archery

The Bushwhacker bowsight ($80 with a sight light) from Cobra (800-352-6272; uses four .019-inch fiber optic pins inside a 1.75-inch round, all-metal sight guard with an orange glow ring for quick target acquisition. Pin fibers are strung lengthwise into the housing through a clear plastic tube to maximize light reception. This new sight weighs only 4.4 ounces and is built to be reversible (or universal) for right- or left-handed shooters. The adjustable Bushwhacker includes a 3rd axis bubble level and comes in black or Lost Camo.

The Cobra Python Micro ($110) illustrates the trend toward tool-less adjustment knobs. Using such knobs you can make adjustments “on the fly” without rummaging around the backpack for hex wrenches.

Fuse Archery

The Fuse (801-363-2990; Carbon Pilot ($130/3-pin) is built with twin carbon rail extensions for customizing the sight body positioning. A 2-inch aperture is circled with an orange glow ring and four vibration-reducing Shock-Rods. It is available in 3-, 5-, or 7-pin models. The G-Series allows gang adjustment and customizable leveling. The M-Series is micro-adjustable with 2nd- and 3rd-axis leveling. Carbon Hunter has a .029 top pin and .019 descending pins for precision aiming at longer distances and fast target acquisition up close. The Pilot Comp with .019 pins and dovetail mounting bracket is designed for 3-D shooting. An LED Sight Lite is optional.

Archer Xtreme

Available in 5- and 7-pin versions with 0.19 fiber optics, rear-deployed LED light included, the Carbon Carnivore (about $300) is new from exciting newcomer Archer Xtreme (406-924-6113; This sight uses a 2-inch machined carbon pin housing with a shooter’s ring. Each pin has 11 inches of light-gathering fiber optic, and each is protected by a stainless harness. The bracket is multi-directional carbon weave. Look for 2nd-axis gang adjustment and a 3rd-axis-adjustable level. Tool-less lockdown knobs. (Right- and left-hand-adjustable by reversing the bracket and moving bubble to top of pin guard.)

Axcel Sights

Dealer-only ArmorTech HD ($245/5-pin, .019) fiber optic hunting sights from Axcel (434-929-5630; are available in Lost Camo, Realtree APG, and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. Fully micro-adjustable, the HD is built with a Mathews harmonic damper in the arm. Available in 4-, 5-, or 7-pin versions with .010-, .019-, or .029-inch fiber optic diameters. Also available as a Pro model ($315) with micro-adjustable dovetail bracket to size scope ring housing to peep.

Trophy Ridge

The Trophy Ridge (812-467-1250; sight line includes dovetail and fixed brackets. The new Judge ($250) has an aluminum sight housing, included rheostat sight light, and 18 inches of .019 fiber optic cable for each of its five sight pins. Micro-adjustability with a Master Adjustment Knob controlling the multi-pitch lead screw is smooth, silent, and limitless. The round, contrast glow ring on the face of the sight aperture aligns easily to the string peep. Delrin washers eliminate metal-to-metal contact. The design dramatically reduces the time it takes to sight-in.

PSE Archery

PSE’s (520-884-9065; Pete Shepley could put his signature on expensive sights with carbon rods and radioactive tritium glow dots. Instead he chose solid, blue collar gear such as The Long Range ($80), a functional bowsight that can get it done for squirrels or caribou. The Long Range can even help archers who have a slight natural cant to their bow, says PSE, because an axis adjustment lets shooters square the oval sight bracket. Features 3rd-axis sight level and eight .019 fiber optic pins.


“When brightness counts” is TruGlo’s motto. The recognized pioneer of fiber optics in archery, TruGlo (972-774-0300; developed the Micro-Brite ($151) with decreasing-diameter pins, although it is available with all .010 pins: smaller pin sizes for longer yardage. The five extra-long wrapped fibers are protected in a 1.8-inch aperture with glow-ring. Adjustable for left- and right-handed shooters; optional push-button pin light and bubble level. Tool-less design. TruTouch soft-feel technical coating.

Athens Archery

The aluminum Rellik 4 ($170) from Athens Archery (574-224-2300; offers zero pin-gap and pin size options of .010, .019, and .029. Each of the four fiber optic pins has its own micro adjustment; no tools are required. Includes 2nd- and 3rd-axis adjustments, red bubble level, and two sight lights, top and bottom.

CUCA Outdoors

CUCA Outdoors (909-544-1986; recently launched its Visioner sight line ($20-$26). These all-aluminum sights feature independently adjustable .019 or .029 fiber optic pins—a single up-pin to five horizontal pins. Laser-engraved windage and elevation scales for easy adjustment of aperture position. The 2.25-inch rigid round aperture has a glow ring to enhance aiming. Tool-less adjustments. Optional violet LED sight light. Built-in level.

Axion Archery

The GLX Micro ($160) from Axion Archery (330-343-0900;, available only through Mathews dealers, is a compact 10-ounce design with easy-change pins. Tool-less micro design and staggered mounting holes offer more adjustability, plus ultra-fine click adjustment for windage and elevation. Thin, but extra-long fiber optics (.019 or .009) are protected in a 2-inch pin guard. Includes Mathews harmonic dampener, light, and level.

Custom Bow Equipment

The dovetail-mounted TEK-Hunter is a lightweight, compact, moveable hunting sight from Custom Bow Equipment (606-663-2734; It uses a rapid-drive elevation system with four-arm adjustment knob with elevation lock. The 4-pin aperture uses ultra-fine steel pins to hold the fiber optics. Red bubble level and red dots highlight the aperture. The new TEK-Hunter XL ($239) also has the visual positioning windage unit and scope-leveling unit with locking screws.

Copper John

From Copper John (315-258-9269;, the Dead Nuts Mark III is a good example of how manufacturers are diversifying within current technological limits: $90 non-micro-adjust, $15 micro-adjust kit, and $35 dovetail after-market kit. With offset fiber optic pins, the sight offers zero pin gap shooting. A bright orange glow ring enables rapid peep alignment. Green adjustable bubble level included; lens-compatible.


LimbSaver, or Sims Vibration Laboratory (877-257-2761;, builds Prism-Lite Sights ($60-$70) that incorporate innovative Light-Trap Collection technology to efficiently load ambient light into the fiber optic cord. This is supposed to intensify pin brightness during all lighting conditions. Sight is 4.4 ounces; 3-, 4- or 5-pin options in .019 and .029 size. Has a 2-inch peep alignment aperture with bubble level.

Sword Sight

Sword’s (419-956-0512; aluminum Trident Hunter ($275) has a 1.75-inch round aperture with five zero gap pins in .010, .019, or .029. Micro-adjust elevation with 2 inches of travel, it is also windage gang adjustable. An LED sight light is optional. Also available with 6-inch dovetail bar mounting system.

Other Notables

Several notable sight manufacturers are perhaps plotting for future innovations. Black Gold Sights (406-388-9060; introduced the FlashPoint Solaris HD ($155) with the PhotoChromatic shell over a year ago. Impact (770-521-9173; has one of the few pendulum sights available. Its single-pin fiber optic All Terrain ($90) is both unique and adjustable; its rotating bracket has an option for being fixed for ground shooting. Sure-Loc (715-395-9955; is known for high-end competition and recurve sights, but its micro-adjustable, 5-pin Lethal Weapon ($270) weighs 7.9 ounces and comes on a 6-inch dovetail with a bubble level.

Axcel Sights

Affiliated with Tru Ball, Axcel (434-929-5630; X-41 and X-31 scopes ($135) are built with a red ring torque indicator inside the round scope housing. (“If you see red at full draw, you’re torquing your bow.”) These scopes use a single up-pin protected fiber optic and come with either a stainless 10/32 rod or the Axcel Yoke Connection System. The X-41 uses 1 3/4-inch (43mm) lens, and the X-31 1 3/8-inch (34.5mm) lens. A level is included.

Axcel Sights

Axcel also offers competition sights for 3-D and field shooting. The AX3000 ($290) has three inches of vertical adjustment and comes with 3-, 6-, or 9-inch isogrid bars for stability with or without a Mathews harmonic dampener. Sights feature a heavy-duty stainless ACME threaded rod. (Vertical adjustment is 2-inch as AX2000 offers 2 inches of vertical adjust; the AX4500 offers 4.5 inches, ideal for FITA shooting.)

Viper Archery Products

New at Viper (740-894-6100;, the Fixed-Plate Diamondback MicroTune ($135) with Mathews harmonic dampener is machined from aircraft aluminum. Its five stainless steel pins have 7.5 inches of fiber optics for superior brightness. It features fixed-plate mounting bracket and separate no-tool adjustment. Includes red bubble level and aperture glow ring. Available in Mathews Lost Camo only.

Bowhunters have never quite “taken” to finger-tip-adjustable sights, although they work very well. Perhaps because the hand that holds the bowstring is involved. Maybe when they become adjustable with the thumb holding the riser….

HHA Sports

The 10-ounce Optimizer Lite Ultra ($210) single-pin, fingertip-adjustable bowsight from HHA Sports (800-548-7812; is one of a series of sturdy sights in that line. This includes a Mathews Harmonic Dampener in the sight bar. It’s available with a 1 5/8-inch aperture, green sight ring, and five feet of .010 fiber optic cord. Accepts HHA Lens Kit B and all HHA Blue Burst lights. An exclusive mechanical rheostat feature adjusts pin brightness.


The Innerloc (800-861-8090; Depth Seeker Bowfishing Sight ($20) is designed to help fishermen learn refraction. It has two elevation bars, the lower to be sighted on the water surface and the upper to use when shooting into the water. The vertical bar with integral bead references is a reference to hold windage while shooting. Inexpensive and a great teaching tool for novices. (Mounting bracket may vary from blue fish shown!)


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