Sig Sauer Electro-Optics BDX System

Wireless Bluetooth technology enables optics to communicate with each other.

Sig Sauer Electro-Optics BDX System

With the Sig Sauer Electro-Optics BDX system, predator hunters can share information between their rangefinder and riflescope.

Electronic game callers aren’t the only battery-operated gizmos invading the hunting world. Illuminated reticles and rangefinders, plus rangefinder combination binoculars, include electronic circuitry to transmit information and help hunters aim with accuracy. Sig Sauer Electro-Optics has taken that partnership a step further with its BDX system.

The partnership shares rangefinder data, Ballistic Data Xchange, thus the BDX designation, with Sig Sauer riflescopes. Wireless Bluetooth technology enables the data to be shared between the two BDX properties. Simply download the BDX app to your smartphone for either Android or iOS systems from Google Play, and you’ll open the door to tools you’ve been using for years but transmitted in easy-to-use data through the reticle.

For the system to work accurately, you have to add your ammunition information and daily wind data into the app. Once you range your target in the field, the Bluetooth technology shares the distance data and any wind information you’ve added to the riflescope. This is where the real magic happens. The illuminated reticle dot actually moves to provide an exact holdover per the ammunition information you have input. If the wind is significant, you will also see wind-corrected aiming points left or right of the crosshair’s center post. Adjust accordingly and you should be on target. Sig Sauer offers four riflescopes that utilize the BDX technology giving you a variable power for any hunting scenario. You can even purchase the riflescope and rangefinder as a box kit. Box kits start at $840 and go up to $1,320, which is reasonably economical for both products and the included technology.

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