SHOT Show: New Predator Hunting Calls

I hit the floor running this morning at the 2010 SHOT Show. My focus today is new predator hunting calls. Below are a few of the new ones I had a chance to check out.

SHOT Show: New Predator Hunting Calls

The folks at MAD Calls hit the ground running in 2010 with a large selection of new predator hunting calls available.

The Pip-Squeaker Coaxer

MAD Pip Squeaker Coaxer

Requires little air pressure to make the high-pitch squeaks. It is designed for in-close hunting. The call is weatherproof as well.

Mid-Range Cotton

MAD Mid Range Cotton

This call produces high-pitched screams of a cottontail in distress. It is also weatherproof.

Long-Range Jack

MAD Long Range Jack

This call produces a gravely jack rabbit scream with extra volume for long distance calling. It too is weatherproof.

Mity Mouse Coaxer

MAD Mighty Moust Coaxer

This little guy is a good deal closer. It produces rodent squeaks to bring those coyotes in the last bit.

Open Reed Predator

MAD Open Reed Predator

You can produce an array of sounds from squeaks to cottontail screams and he even sub-dominant howls howls.

Open Reed Howler

MAD Open Reed Howler

This call will produce yips, barks, whines, pup fights, and low/high pitch howls.

Custom Cherry Open Reed Howler

MAD Custom Cherry Open Reed Howler

This call will also produce the entire coyote vocabulary, as well as distress calls.

FOXPRO Spitfire

FOXPRO Spitfire

The Spitfire is a light weight caller (1.5 pounds with batteries) that comes with 24 FOXPRO Sounds. It is remote operated and runs on 4 AA batteries. The caller also features an auxiliary jack and uses a high efficiency horn speaker.

FOXPRO Prairie Blaster

FOXPRO Prairie Blaster

This big dog contains four speakers and has two external speaker jacks. It comes with the FOXPRO TX-500 remote and has all the bells and whistles available on FOXPRO callers. The caller can hold up to 500 sounds and comes loaded with 100.

Knight and Hale Shaft Call

Knight and Hale Shaft Call

This slim call produces rabbit-in-distress calls. It is made from an arrow shaft and being small size allows it to be stored in your pocket as a backup to your e-caller. The call is designed for in-close calling.


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