Riflestocks to Consider for Your Predator Rifle

If you're thinking about a new riflestock for your predator rifle, consider these for a DIY project before fall hunting seasons arrive.

Riflestocks to Consider for Your Predator Rifle

Hunters will find several options for adjustability with the Grayboe Ridgeback riflestock. 

If you're thinking about a new riflestock for your predator rifle, consider these for a DIY project before fall hunting seasons arrive.

Switching a riflestock isn't difficult. It's not like trying on a new pair of boots, either. It just takes some planning, time, dedicated space to handle the tools and parts, and your focus on the task at hand. It's a good late-summer project to do before autumn hunting seasons arrive. Don't forget about range time to make sure your rifle is still dialed in, too. Switching a stock definitely can change accuracy.

Hunters have plenty of options to consider for riflestocks. Take a look at these options for your next DIY project.

AG Composites Prairie Varmint

AG Composites aftermarket stocks are highly functional and reliable, designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies and materials with a focus on innovation, quality and performance.

The goal is to deliver high-quality composite rifle stocks at competitive prices. With an average weight of 31 ounces and an overall length of 30.9 inches, AGC’s Prairie Varmint stock is made from 100 percent carbon fiber, inletted for Remington 700 and common Remington clones such as Defiance, Kelbly, Stiller, Lone Peak, etc. It features a 13.5 length of pull, installed aluminum pillars, 1-inch Pachmayr Decelerator pad, sling swivels and CNC-machined action areas and barrel channel for a precise fit.

The Prairie Varmint is available in several different color and camo options. MSRP: $579. www.agcomposites.com

Bell and Carlson Ruger 10/22

Bell and Carlson’s Ruger 10/22 Target/Competition stock is designed as a “drop-in” fit for Ruger 10/22 .22 LR caliber heavy-barrel rifles. It features an adjustable cheek piece with .125-inch spaced e-clip positions for quick removal and replacement while retaining the desired set height.

Its computer designed and CNC-machined full-length 6061-T6 aluminum bedding system extends through the forearm for strength and stiffness and an additional aluminum “tail piece” extends from the bedding block through the pistol grip area for even more rigidity. Other features include a .5-inch premium Pachmayr recoil pad, two front and one rear sling studs and a 13.625-inch length of pull.

The stock length is 29.5 inches and it weighs approximately 2.75 pounds. MSRP: $415. www.bellandcarlson.com 

Bell and Carlson’s Ruger 10/22 Target/Competition stock

Boyds Pro Varmint

Boyds Pro Varmint stock is an affordable tactical design for rimfire rifles. Its beavertail forend features a solid grip and a buttstock hook on the bottom edge provides greater control and better grip when the rifle is rested on shooting bags.

The Pro Varmint’s Monte Carlo comb positions the shooter’s cheek up for use with larger scopes and the stock has an ambidextrous grip that puts the hand in a more natural position. Its longer forend easily accommodates 18- to 24-inch barrels. The Pro Varmint has two front and one rear swivel stud, and at 31 inches weighs only 2.85 pounds.

It is available in 16 laminate colors. MSRP: Starts at $152. www.boydsgunstocks.com

Grayboe Ridgeback

Grayboe’s Ridgeback composite stock comes with 12 slots to attach any M-Lok compatible accessory. Its embedded bubble level serves as a guide to ensure the rifle is level to the ground and not canted, which can dramatically affect accuracy at long range.

Grayboe has redesigned the cheekpiece to eliminate all internal hardware, which allows for more reliability and big savings. Other features include an adjustable length of pull to increase comfort for all sizes of shooters, vertical pistol grip and butt hook to ensure a tight fit to the shoulder and flush cups for quick detach sling mounting.

All Grayboe stocks are made with high-quality composite ingredients, formulated for accuracy, comfort and reliability. MSRP: $599 to $624. www.grayboe.com

Gunwerks Clymr Stock

Stockwerks by Gunwerks makes custom inletted rifle stocks available as a component for gunsmiths and builders using the popular Remington 700 action or a variety of aftermarket actions as the basis of their builds.

Gunwerks composite stocks are hand-built from advanced carbon fiber or fiberglass materials using proprietary processes. The ClymR keeps weight down with advanced materials technology and design geometry, while retaining features such as an integrated bipod rail, aluminum bedding block, vertical grip and advanced carbon fiber layup. MSRP: $699. www.gunwerks.com 

H-S Precision Varmint/Tactical

H-S Precision’s Varmint stock features a full-length aluminum bedding black, adjustable length of pull, adjustable cheek piece and is available in more than 40 different color configurations.

The bedding block is machined specifically to the dimensions of the barreled action it will be used with. It’s placed into a mold and both sides of the mold are hand-laminated with an abundant amount of Kevlar, fiberglass and carbon fiber for strength and durability. Then a proprietary mixture of a dense polyurethane foam material is injected into the mold to establish the general shape and design of the stock. Finally, it is hand finished. MSRP: $739. www.hsprecision.com  

Kinetic Research Group Bravo

The Bravo from Kinetic Research Group provides essential chassis benefits combined with conventional target/varmint ergonomics at a modest price.

It features a full-length aluminum backbone, a radius bedding system CNC’d into aluminum for consistent contact between the action and chassis and a hardened stainless steel recoil lug. The lightweight forend is made from polymer to eliminate heat transfer to/from the shooter’s hand.

For mounting accessories, M-Lok slots are located on the sides and bottom of the forend and it has an access hole for the action mounting screw so the action can be removed without removing the forend.

The Bravo also features a molded lightweight trigger guard and adjustable cheekpiece and length of pull. MSRP: $349.99 to $439.99. www.kineticresearchgroup.com

Magpul Hunter 110

The Hunter 110 is the latest addition to the Magpul Hunter stock product line — designed for 3rd Generation Savage short-action series 10/110 centerfire rifles that have center-feed magazine compatibility and a production date of 2006 or later.

It features enhanced ergonomics, versions for both right- and left-handed actions, eight M-Lok slots for mounting options and a fully adjustable length of pull and comb height. These features have been optimally designed to provide a more stable shooting platform, improved user comfort and individual accessory customization.

The Magpul Hunter 110 features a Type III hard anodized, machine-finished, cast aluminum bedding block that doesn’t require bedding and is a true “drop-in” stock solution. MSRP: $299.95. www.magpul.com

McMillan Z-Series Universal

McMillan’s Z-1 precision fiberglass stock accommodates nearly all barreled actions sharing the same action diameter and guard screw spacing as the Remington 700.

Those familiar with McMillan’s long-range precision fiberglass stocks will recognize the familiar DNA in the Z-1 stock, which combines elements of its popular A6, A10 and A5 tactical models. The Z-1’s squared forend provides a positive mating surface for a bipod and maximum stability when using a field rest.

Its dual-purpose butt hook provides a sturdy rear support on a shooting bag and a grip for the non-firing hand, and an integral cheek piece can be adjusted for a custom cheek weld and proper eye alignment

Length-of-pull is also customizable via an adjustable recoil pad. MSRP: $700 to $900. www.mcmillanusa.com

McMillan’s Z-1 precision fiberglass stock
McMillan’s Z-1 precision fiberglass stock

Proof Research Lightweight Mountain Hunter

Ounces can feel like pounds when packing a heavy rifle on an outback hunt. One step in reducing that load is to begin with a lightweight stock — such as Proof Research’s Lightweight Mountain Hunter.

This hand laid carbon fiber stock weighs a fraction of what traditional rifle stocks weigh while compromising nothing. At sub-20 ounces, and when coupled with a lightweight barrel and other components, hunters can expect to significantly reduce the bulk of their rifle. The Lightweight Mountain Hunter features a molded-in carbon fiber V-block, adjustable pillars and is designed to fit all Remington 700-style actions.

It is available in Black Granite, Green Granite or Brown Granite finishes. MSRP: $850. www.proofresearch.com

Stocky's Ultralite Carbon Fiber VG2 Remington 700   

Stocky’s VG2 carbon fiber stocks are stronger, lighter — well under 2 pounds — and more precisely machined than ever before.

Meticulously made with 100 percent carbon fiber cloth, they are extremely durable and feature the company’s leading-edge bedding technology, machined on Stocky’s new state-of-the-art CNC mill using special composites utilized in its super-accurate Accublock “V” bedding configuration.

For the beautiful exterior shell, layers of premium carbon fiber cloth are added one at a time in a climate-controlled cleanroom, with all seams overlapping for added strength. VG2 stocks come in a variety of action inlet/barrel taper configurations including the popular Remington 700 footprint.

Most common models are in stock and ready-to-ship in a variety of finishes. Retail: $548.88. www.stockysstocks.com

Stocky’s VG2 carbon fiber stocks
Stocky’s VG2 carbon fiber stocks

WOOX Wild Man

The WOOX Wild Man precision rifle stock is an aftermarket replacement for several different OEM stocks of the largest rifle manufacturers.

Its traditional style integrates groundbreaking technology with a classic look and feel to offer hunters and shooters a solid rifle stock they can rely on — a great option for both a new build or upgrading a favorite hunting rifle. WOOX precision stocks have been tested with manufactures’ rifles and components and should not require any bedding or custom inletting.

Features include a high-quality aluminum chassis, forged monobloc body and vibration reducing hardwood. Available in long- and short-action Remington 700 and Sauer 100. MSRP: $499. www.wooxstore.com


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