Reaktor Solar-Powered Battery Fuels Feeders, Cameras and Fun

Solar power to charge your game feeders, cameras or other equipment helps reduce pressure and saves money. Elusive Wildlife's Reaktor charger does all this, and more.

Reaktor Solar-Powered Battery Fuels Feeders, Cameras and Fun

The Reaktor solar powered battery pack from Elusive Wildlife has multiple threaded outlets for cameras along with 6- and 12-volt options, among other features.

Buying and changing batteries in game cameras, feeders and other equipment can be time-consuming and expensive, not to mention intrusive into some hunting areas where you may not want to venture.

You can keep wildlife equipment charged with the Reaktor from Elusive Wildlife. It's a universal solar power pack that eliminates the need for expensive batteries or trundling into the woods or fields to change anything. Whether your camera and Reaktor are in an open field, along a fence row or in the woods with sunlight penetration, it'll charge and power your equipment.

The Reaktor can supply primary or backup 6- and 12-volt power to your game camera, feeder light, bait light, battery charger, feeder controller, emergency radio and other devices. You can add additional Reaktor packs if more power is needed. Multiple standard threaded camera inserts make it easy to add to existing game camera and feeder light setups.

Each unit is equipped with separate outputs for 6- and 12-volt, a charge level indicator and auxiliary wall charger. The MSRP is $79.99.

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