Properly Estimating Distance to Kill More Predators

Getting the range right by using a laser rangefinder, or range-finding bino or riflescope, can pay huge fur dividends.

Properly Estimating Distance to Kill More Predators

Long shots require obtaining the precise range to the target. A range-finding bino or riflescope will help you get it right.

Many rifle hunters have difficulty determining the distance to targets that are above and below them. I once missed a black bear I spotted high up on a hillside during a spring hunt that seemed to be hundreds of yards away when it was actually closer to 100 yards. OK, just seeing a bear while hunting can toss most hunter’s calculations off. Same holds true for that bobcat, javelina or mountain lion you unexpectedly spot in the bottom of a deep canyon. Hunters overwhelmed with adrenalin are prone to dramatically over-estimating distances. Using a rangefinder or a range-finding riflescope can help with precision shot placement. The key to quick, accurate deployment is learning your model’s features and to practice with it regularly. And, thankfully, most modern rangefinders feature angle compensation technology that takes the guesswork out of those steep uphill and downhill shots.


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