Precision Shooting Equipment Celebrates 40 Years

Pete Shepley’s Archery Empire Gets Even Stronger With Help From The X-Force EVO, X-Force Omen Pro, and More.

Precision Shooting Equipment Celebrates 40 Years

pse evoSoon-to-be archery industry legend Pete Shepley was an engineer for Magnavox back in the ’70s, when he headed up the team that would develop the Stinger missile for the U.S. military. During his lunch breaks, all Shepley could think about were ways to launch arrows, not missiles. His first product was actually a small back-tension release that he sold at archery shoots where he was competing.

Shepley was shooting for Jennings at the time and eventually designed and built his own bow. “Basically, he built two of them, one for Pete and the other for George [Chapman]. Then, at the Indiana shoot, they both finished in the top five,” explained Blake Shelby, marketing director for PSE. Within a week, Shelby explained, Shepley had received more than 200 orders for his bow, and in the next two weeks over 700 more requests were received—all from nothing more than word-of-mouth advertising.

Shepley began making the bows from pure magnesium on belt sanders in an old converted hog shed. “Pete simply believed he could build a better bow than what was out there so he…just did it,” Shelby continued.

Pete Shepley was one of the first five people to obtain a license to manufacture compound bows under the Allen patent, and consequently is the only one of the original five still doing so today. PSE still holds true to Pete’s belief that he could build better bows. PSE is now credited with more than 200 patents—more than any other company in the business.

Leading the PSE line for 2011 is the X-Force Dream Season EVO. “It’s probably the hottest bow on the planet right now,” Shelby explained. “There are a ton of new innovations in it, but the main thing is the fact that it is the smooth-draw X-Force.”

The speed and performance of X-Force models has not been lost on archers in the past. “Everybody loved the speed and performance of the X-Force before. This still has all that speed at 345 fps IBO, and it’s a lot smoother draw; it feels a lot better,” Shelby admitted.

Speed demons won’t be disappointed with PSE’s new X-Force Omen Pro, powered by the new UF Hybrid Cam. According to Shelby, “This is the ultimate sports car of bows, the fastest bow ever made, at 366 fps.” In addition to the UF Hybrid Cam, it also features PSE’s new Planar Flex Riser for decreased riser flex and twist.

The other highpoint of the X-Force EVO and X-Force Omen Pro is the new Centerlock limb pocket system. “The limb pocket system is totally revolutionary,” Shelby explained. “It locks in three places and is 75 percent longer than pockets of the past, while the top of the pocket actually pulls the limbs to the centerline of the bow.” The belly cut into the pocket where the limb is seated allows the limb to bend within the pocket, giving a uniform bend from limb tip to limb tip. “This gives us 20 percent more limb bend than before, which in turn gave us 20 percent less reflex in the riser, improving accuracy.”

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