Op-Ed: Are We Witnessing an Anti-Hunter Virus?

The whole world has gone bonkers to the degree that anti-hunters have all but gone underground. Or have they simply kicked back in tag-team fashion while their anti-gun brethren grab the spotlight in the midst of the global pandemic?

Op-Ed: Are We Witnessing an Anti-Hunter Virus?

Protests against hunting and hunters have been staged for years throughout the world. This anti-hunting demonstration in 2005 in Berlin was organized by the "Initiative zur Abschaffung der Jagd" ("Initiative for the Abolition of Hunting") and supported by the religious cult "Universelles Leben." The banner on the right says: "Nature conservation without hunting!" (Photo: Wikipedia/Richardfabi)

Wow! The whole world has gone bonkers to the degree that the anti-hunters have all but gone underground. Or have they simply kicked back in tag-team fashion while their anti-gun brethren grab the spotlight in the midst of the global pandemic?

In the end, it doesn’t matter why or how the antis do what they do. The fact that they do it and will continue doing it can be taken to the bank. This is no time to let down the guard. The anti-hunter, anti-gun, anti-human subversives are still out there and will be back in force whenever they think the coast is clear.

Anti-hunters haven’t shut down totally lately, however. They are continuing their behind-the-scenes activities and are continuing to advance their initiatives through the systems ranging from ballot initiatives to court cases.

For example, the antis have a number of initiatives in progress at various places around the country, so at the state and local levels, there is activity — activity that winds its way through the system, only to pop up downstream.

Perhaps it is best to view the situation in terms of camouflage. Camo goes hand-in-hand with predators and predation. The whole idea is either to make something effectively invisible or to confuse the look enough that the thing doesn’t look like what it really is.

As predators ourselves, this should make total sense. It is just that when our tactics are used against us that things get squirrely. 

At no time in the history of the country has there been so much camo in the smoke and mirrors being spewed out and manipulated by anti-hunters and other enemies of freedom.

Anti-hunters continue to do all they can to confuse and confound the proper social order. Never lose track of the fact that they are not pro-animal. Rather, they are anti-human. They are doing everything they can to eliminate “contests” involving wildlife. Translate that to mean putting a halt to varmint hunting activities of all kinds.

Antis talk about “contests” when, in fact, they want to shut down all hunting. That’s verbal camo folks — lies, to be precise.

All of these kinds of things are bad enough in and of themselves. But when there are social upheavals like the recent pandemic, enemies of freedom kick into high gear.

It is not as though they were sitting back, just waiting for an opportunity to deny others of their freedoms. Rather, they are opportunists and grab any chance they have to further their agenda at the expense of others.

Witness some of the outrages in localities where mayors and their ilk grabbed their emergency powers and immediately overreached, trampling Constitutional freedoms in the process when the pandemic evolved.

Good examples were when mayors dictated and/or tried to dictate an end to the sale of guns and ammunition due to the pandemic. There is simply no justification for that because guns are incapable of doing anything by themselves — it takes the human hand to make a gun do anything. But since when did the antis worry about justification for their lies and perversions?

Were those mayors merely pointing at groups of people gathering in gun shops in lines to buy guns and ammo, it would be one thing. The solution, then, would be promote/allow drive-by purchases in much the same way that restaurants continued to operate via take-out food.

However, when it came to guns and ammunition, the answer was just to halt their sale, period. The fascinating thing is that a large portion of the panic gun and ammunition buyers this time around is not from among our ranks — from among those who have been gun folks all along.  

Unlike the run on guns during the Obama years when folks wanted to insulate themselves from government overreach, this time around there is a whole new crop of gun buyers who fear social meltdown. To put it bluntly, they are the ones who want to save themselves from chaos – probably even want to guard their hoarded toilet paper, but that is another matter.

It is not unprecedented for gun grabbers to use catastrophes to further their anti-freedom campaigns. Witness New Orleans during and right after Hurricane Katrina when officials literally grabbed guns. It took a court case and a long time to put that straight. Obviously, the gun grabbers this time around are paying no attention to the reality that social upheaval doesn’t negate the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

It should come as no surprise to predator hunters that predators will predate when the circumstances allow. Face it, that’s us. It is just that in these instances, the antis are the predators and the good folks are the prey.

No righteous predator hunter is capable of imagining what it feels like to be prey, so all of this assault on freedom is not simply foreign, but is repugnant beyond imagination.

The answer is self-evident. We do best when we do what it is we do and when we are who we are. So long as we are true to ourselves, the rest will sort itself out over time.

Meanwhile, this is not a time to nap until the antis come up with still another assault on decency. It’s time to take action. And there are many forms of action.

As always, there is the ballot box where the right candidates must be elected. But it doesn’t end there. Our strength, at least in part, is our numbers. This means that by recruiting new hunters, we keep the culture alive. And, with enough numbers, we thrive.

Bottom line: The future is in our hands. Decisive action now not only assures a future, but effective action means a bright future. We, not the antis, are the ones who need to define who we are, what we do and what our future looks like. I’m optimistic. We’ll win because we’re right. Think about it and then do something about it.


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