Nighttime Predator Hunting and Public Reaction

Police officers are only doing their job when questioning hunters at night. Here are some tips on being respectful and making the encounter pleasant.

Nighttime Predator Hunting and Public Reaction

nighttime hunting3 Reasons For Increased Response Calls to Predator Hunters

1. The rising trend of urban natives buying rural land.

2. An increase in cell phones and better service in rural areas. Allows for immediate calls to the authorities to investigate suspicious activities.

3. Increased popularity of predator hunting increases the amount of hunters that can have run-ins with uneducated landowners and citizens.

Hunter Strategies

— Here are some strategies and practices that all law-abiding hunters can use to achieve their goal of an uninterrupted hunting trip.

Parking while hunting

Whenever possible, park in a landowner’s driveway or parking lot. A vehicle parked on the roadside is an instant signal to police that something could be wrong.

Blood on vehicle

Be careful of any blood from a predator that might be on or around your vehicle. A responding officer doesn’t know that the blood he sees on your bumper is from a coyote inside the trunk. He will assume the worst and raise suspicion tenfold.

Hunting around homes

Be sure to stay the required distance away as mandated by state law.

hunting permission cardEducate the neighbors

Let them hear a sample of the sounds that you use. By doing so, you are acquainting them to the “strange sounds” that they may hear in the night.

Getting Stopped by the Cops

Carry Hunting Permission

You can obtain official landowner consent forms through many state game departments. If not, you can find samples of such forms on the Internet.

Always include your cell phone number and a number to the landowner. The officer might need to contact you immediately to clear up a problem.

Be Courteous to All Officers

Hunters must realize that when law officials first receive a call or drive up to your truck, they do not know the circumstance of what is happening. All they know is that there is a suspicious vehicle in the area, and often, that a gun is more than likely present.

REMEMBER: Never be aggressive, belligerent, or argumentative.

Handling Your Firearm Around Law Officials

Remember that when an officer approaches you it’s dark, isolated and more than likely you will have a weapon. Those circumstances will put anyone on high-alert.

Always watch your muzzle. Sling your firearm or store it in your truck.


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