Neat New Arrow Accessories for 2011

When it comes time to build and otherwise accessorize some killer hunting arrows, show your customers the latest stuff that offers real benefits.

Neat New Arrow Accessories for 2011


Burt Coyote Company (309-358-1602; has joined the fight against Breast Cancer with the introduction of Pink Lumenoks. The new Pink color is available in the Lumenok Signature and the Lumenok X. As in other models, Pink Lumenoks use a simple, time-tested system that does not include any switches or moving parts that are likely to fail. Even better? The new Pink Lumenoks have batteries that can be easily changed to ensure brightness.

easton tracer nock

Easton Archery

Easton’s advanced lighted nock, Tracer RLi (801-526-6223; uses a 90-hour lithium battery and features a microchip-controlled flash mode and permanent on/off capability. The Tracer RLi is available for practically every size hunting arrow. The magnetic trigger is easy to set up and consistently sends a beam of light to the target before entering the super-visible flash mode. 2-packs ($26) include two Tracer nocks, two weighted practice nocks and an extra battery.

trueflight vanes


Trueflight Manufacturing (715-543-8451; is now producing new 2-inch Shield Back feathers for thin, lightweight, high-speed carbon arrows. These feathers weigh just 1.2 grains each but have all the inherent forgiveness of natural feather fletching. They’re available in 14 solid and 18 barred and bright-stripe patterns.



NuFletch (877-353-8244; has worked with Norway Industries to produce a Fusion-type vane to work with the NuFletch non-glue fletching system. The Fusion base design is ultra thin, matching the NuFletch Spectrum system for excellent alignment and spacing. The vane is available on all NuFletch Standard and Light models for 2011.

norway industries

Norway Industries

A bright new idea from Norway Industries (800-778-4755; is its edge-glow 2.1-inch Zeon Fusion Vanes ($12/36). A proprietary material carries light to vane edges, similar to fiber optic technology, to greatly increase visibility. This gives you a better chance to follow arrow flight or track game visually “without heavy lighted nocks that may not be allowed for P&Y entries or even legal in all states.” Choose from four colors: red, green, yellow and orange. Height is .56 inches, weight is 7 grains.

Norway also is producing 2.1-inch Mathews Branded Fusion Vanes ($13/36). Vanes are available in black or white, each featuring the Fusion vane’s clear polymer base. Metallic gold imprinting showcases the Mathews logo. Height is .56 inches, weight is 7 grains.

g5 outdoors

G5 Outdoors

Great for fletching arrows and installing inserts, new Blu-Glue ($17) from G5 (866-456-8836; uses a translucent blue formula that makes it easy to see good glue coverage and identify excess dripping before it’s too late. It goes on light blue but dries practically clear. The resulting bond is solid yet flexible. (Not for use with hidden insert systems.)

Also new from G5 is G-Lock ($15). This “lock and seal compound” is not an adhesive—and can be used on more than just metal connections. G5 recommends it for broadheads, field points, and accessory hardware. G-Lock holds parts in place even during extreme vibration and resists leakage by acting as a dam between mated threads. Using steady pressure and standard hand tools, parts coated with G-Lock can easily be adjusted, removed and reused.

goat tuff glue stand

Goat Tuff Products

The ingenious Glue Stand from Goat Tuff (520-742-1701; is just right for fletching arrows or any job that requires the repetitive use of a bottle of glue. The pre-cut, stainless Glue Stand holds a bottle tip at the optimal angle so glue is always in the tip and ready to use; just bend the arm to the preferred position.

bohning limoxyl

Bohning Archery

Speaking of building arrows—and with extra durability—Bohning Archery (231-229-4247; has introduced Limoxyl. This ingenious little pump-spray bottle quickly and easily removes arrow wrap residue and preps arrow shafts for fletching in one easy step. Simply spray the shaft and wipe clean; the result is increased adhesion with both Bohning’s Platinum and quick-set glues such as Bohning Quantum XT.


Velocitip Ballistic System

How fast do your arrows fly? The unique new Velocitip Ballistic System (617-448-7806; features a 100-grain electronic field point with a built-in accelerometer, and handheld docking station with large backlit display to quickly deliver flight data including arrow velocity at launch and impact. The field point stores acceleration data for up to four shots; the point is then removed from your arrow and plugged into the docking station to deliver flight info on shots ranging from 10 to 100 yards. The system works with compound bows, crossbows, and traditional bows.


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