Kill A Marked Coyote, Get A Lifetime Hunting License

South Carolina is in works of a new rewarding system for predator hunters to help decrease the state’s coyote population.

Kill A Marked Coyote, Get A Lifetime Hunting License

South Carolina’s new initiative to decrease its coyote population is a unique idea that is a work in progress.

Hunters can earn a lifetime hunting license by harvesting a marked coyote. The Edgefield Advertiser reports the new initiative is part of the 2016-17 budget and will go into effect by July 1, 2017, which start’s the state’s new fiscal year.

The program is in still the early stages, The Advertiser reports. And though the basic concept is known, there’s still plenty to decide before it takes effect.

The program starts with the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) trapping 16 coyotes, tagging them and distributing four each in South Carolina’s four hunting zones, The Advertiser reports.

However, this is where things still need work.

According to The Advertiser, it’s uncertain who specifically will physically trap the ‘yotes and it hasn’t been decided what to do with the different sexes captured. A third issue that hasn’t been discussed fully is the method DNR plans to mark the trapped coyotes, though tattoos have been mentioned.

DNR will continue to work through the process of setting up the program successfully before July 1, but The Advertiser reports on one major problem deals with out-of-state hunters and how they’d be rewarded for harvesting a marked coyote.

“We haven’t figured that one out yet,” a DNR representative told the paper. “We will figure something out between now and then. We’ve got to get creative here.”

The DNR representative told The Advertiser the overall goal is to carry out the program in the most cost-effective manner, which is why DNR is taking time to research potential decision that will make the program’s details. The representative told the paper DNR wants “to get it going as soon as possible.”

The Advertiser reports DNR hopes to have the program in place by deer season so deer hunters will be able to likely harvest more coyotes. However, any hunters too eager to wait until deer season should remember coyotes are open year-round.


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