From The Readers: Perfectly Placed

A Predator Xtreme reader used a helpful heads up to get in position to bag several wild hogs.
From The Readers: Perfectly Placed

From The ReadersJames Parker | California

Saturday, April 9, 2016 was an impeccable hunting day in Northern California. The weather had been hot for the three days prior, but that morning it had turned into a drizzly misty perfect for hunting. I was coming out of the first canyon when I heard my buddy on the radio saying, “Hogs are coming out of the canyon heading towards you and their bedding area.”

I rapidly moved to an open area where the hogs tend to cross into a thick manzanita patch. I approached the area and started scanning the bottom of the canyon/creek bed. I could see three black heads coming up the trail. I dropped my pack and laid down in the prone position to ensure the best shot at them. Using my Burris 536 5X I could see them rapidly coming towards me — 90 yards 80, 70, 60, 50! When they hit 50 I opened up with my 5.56mm 62-grain accubonds, and you can see the results in the pictures above.

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