Guard donkey stomps out landowner's coyote problem

One donkey in Simpsonville, South Carolina, earns his keep by eradicating coyotes from his owner's property.

Guard donkey stomps out landowner's coyote problem

South Carolina landowner Steve Hipps has a small pasture in his backyard that is guarded by a donkey named "Buck" whose job it is to eat the grass and keep it low. But Hipps got more than just a grass muncher with Buck; he got a coyote killer.

According to Georgia Outdoor News (GON), Hipps' neighbor and cousin called him up one morning to let him know a coyote was running up toward his yard. While coyotes are not uncommon in Simpsonville, South Carolina, where Hipps and Buck live, it was unusual that this female had been seen scouting out the neighborhood during the daytime in such a populated area.

Courtesy of Georgia Outdoor News

Courtesy of Georgia Outdoor News

By the time Hipps got off the phone with his cousin and went outside to assess the situation, Buck had already taken care of it.

Hipps told GON that Buck was already stomping the coyote by the time he made it to the yard. Then, Buck reached down, picked her up by the neck and began slinging her around like a rag doll.

This behavior is typical for donkeys. Farmers often keep them with their livestock as a form of protection because they will stomp on and buck intruding predators or bray out a warning if they threaten the herd. However, if a pack were to invade, one lone donkey wouldn't likely stand much of a chance, so it's recommended that you be prepared to step in if needed.

Luckily for Hipps, Buck takes his job as the resident guard donkey seriously.

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