Great Gear: Pulsar Thermion XM30

Hunt the night shift with the powerful Thermion XM30 thermal riflescope.

Great Gear: Pulsar Thermion XM30

Pulsar Thermion XM30.

Pulsar’s Thermion XM30 3.5-14X thermal riflescope features 12 µm pixel pitch with 320x240 resolution, guaranteeing users can see the heat signatures of adult-sized objects up to 1,400 yards away, day or night. A great fit for wild hog, predator and varmint hunting, the fixed-focus Thermion XM30 features built-in recording with sound, Picture-in-Picture mode, Wi-Fi connectivity and Stream Vision app compatibility to guarantee users can capture and preserve every hunting memory. Remarkably rugged, the XM30 is housed in a metal body with an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating, operates in temperatures from -13F to 122F and can withstand recoil up to .375 H&H. It is powered by a B-Pack mini lithium-ion battery with up to five hours of life. MSRP: $2,529.99. Contact:


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