Gearing Up for Coyotes

Because it’s not you, it’s your equipment.

Gearing Up for Coyotes

Having the proper gear when hunting coyotes is paramount to success.

Procuring costly equipment won’t necessarily make you a better hunter. Becoming a skilled hunter more often relates to the cognitive aspects of the sport. Knowing the habits and physical characteristics of your quarry is an excellent starting point. Proper woodsmanship skills that can be applied to pursuing coyotes is truly important. These are the building blocks to becoming a better hunter. A hunter with a solid skillset and a $10 mouth call will be more successful than a hunter who owns a state-of-the-art electronic caller but has no idea what he is doing afield.                                                                             

With all that said, top-shelf gear can make all hunters more successful. A hunter who is having trouble making killing shots will benefit from using stable shooting sticks or a tripod, for example. And a hunter who is calling in pressured areas will benefit from having the ability to choose from hundreds of different sounds from a top-of-the-line e-caller. Thermal gear helps hunters to go unnoticed in the dark. So, while hunting skills trump equipment, the benefits of having the right tools are clear.


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