Gear Roundup: Electronic Game Callers

Electronic game callers turn novice predator hunters into pros with the push of a button — and give seasoned veterans an edge when mouth blown calls aren’t getting the job done.

Gear Roundup: Electronic Game Callers

E-callers and the multitude of recorded sounds they offer can elevate anyone’s level of proficiency by giving them a tool that delivers that realistic advantage.

E-callers might not be the right tool for all occasions or even all predator hunters. But for those new to the game, those who lack confidence in their calling skills or experienced hunters who want to add versatility to their game they can certainly level the playing field. The appeal of the e-caller, of course, is its ability to make an instant “expert” out of its user, because it produces the actual recorded sounds of prey species in distress and the territorial/fighting fracas of other predators. E-callers and the multitude of recorded sounds they offer can elevate anyone’s level of proficiency by giving them a tool that delivers that realistic advantage. Here are a few models to help expand your predator calling horizons.

Convergent Bullet HP

Convergent Hunting Solutions’ flagship electronic game caller, the Bullet HP, allows hunters to pair a smartphone with a high-quality e-caller and operate it remotely. The Bullet HP features a conical design for premium sound quality in any environment, is Android and Apple compatible and allows for complete control of the unit via a variety of different sound apps — deer, predator, hog, turkey, crow and snow goose. The unit produces high-volume, clear sound and is powered by an integrated Li-ION battery that provides over 10 hours of run time per charge. At just 2.9 pounds, the Bullet HP is easy to carry and comes with a built-in decoy and ground spike. 

MSRP: $349.95


Foxpro X2S

The Foxpro X2S is a powerful and compact e-caller that features a positional Xtreme High Definition (XHD) horn speaker with an added tweeter for improved frequency response. It is Bluetooth compatible, so users can connect wirelessly via their Bluetooth device and play animal sounds from their own library. It also has an auxiliary jack to connect an approved device such as a Jack Jr. predator decoy. The X2S comes with 100 high-quality Foxpro sounds and the ability to store and access up to 1,000 sounds. The TX-1000 remote features a full-color graphic LCD screen that displays the sound list or sound categories. It also has barometer, moon phase, temperature and battery level indicators, timer or time clock, FoxBang technology and more. 

MSRP: $579.95


ICOtec Outlaw Combo

The Outlaw programmable game caller/decoy combo from ICOtec offers professional grade durability, sound quality, volume level, long-range remote activation and a host of other features that make it a snap to operate during hectic predator stands. It features an incredible industry-leading 300-yard non-line-of-sight remote control range and the power to easily control two separate call sounds independently and simultaneously to pry stubborn or educated coyotes loose and coax them into range. The Outlaw produces massive volume and incredible clarity to take full advantage of its 240-sound library. Other features include long battery life, separate play and pause buttons, large, easy-to-read remote display, high-quality adjustable-speed decoy and much more.

MSRP: $419.99


iHunt App/Bluetooth Combo

The iHunt Ultimate Game Call Bluetooth speaker was optimized to work with the iHunt app to produce realistic sounds at a fraction of the price of other game callers. When paired with a smartphone or other Bluetooth-capable devices, the device becomes the remote control and the iHunt app gives the user the ability to create overlapping playlists from 750 sounds and 59 species (included with the app). Insert delays, repeats, overlap and volume changes for each sound to create realistic calling scenarios and make playlists using any number of sounds. Water-resistant and with up to 115 dB of sound, the iHunt Ultimate Game Call is optimized to produce the volume needed to cover large areas in adverse conditions. 

MSRP: $69.99


Lucky Duck Roughneck

Lucky Duck’s Roughneck is a compact, portable e-caller that produces great clarity and volume via its premium horn and tweeter speakers. Its silicone cover adds a layer of protection that dampens accidental sounds from its hard plastic housing and increases speaker clarity. The Roughneck’s new LD3X remote has a large 3.2-inch LCD screen with 10 levels of brightness and backlit buttons for easy operation when hunting wild hogs and predators at night. Powered by 10 AA batteries, it comes with 150 preloaded sounds and has a capacity of 2,000. The Roughneck is also compatible with Lucky Duck’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.

MSRP: $499.99

Mojo Triple Threat

The Mojo Triple Threat delivers the one-two-three punch serious predator hunters are looking for in a game calling system. It includes a high-quality e-caller with a user-friendly remote control, an eye-grabbing decoy and a built-in tripod to get the caller up off the ground so sound will project better. The Triple Threat features a dual sound storage and retrieval system that plays sounds loaded on any standard SD card up to 32 GB or on its 80-sound on-board system. This allows users to custom build sounds for different types of hunts and store them on separate cards. Flush glow-in-the-dark buttons prevent accidental operation and “hot buttons” store favorite sounds at pre-determined volumes. 

MSRP: $239.99


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