From The Readers: Calling Desert Coyotes

An Arizona predator caller takes in the barren beauty of the Sonoran Desert as a coyote speeds in to his setup.
From The Readers: Calling Desert Coyotes

Brett Browning | Arizona

FTR-Small-LogoI was sitting on a hillside where two small canyons came together. It was the last stand of the day and the sun was setting behind the Catalina Mountains of Arizona. While going through my calling sequence, it dawned on me what a pretty scene it would be if a coyote came to the edge of the canyon from the opposite side. Lo and behold, 18 minutes into the stand, this female came in fast from about 250 yards away. I lined up my M77 .204, while resting on a tri-pod. The coyote stopped at the edge of the canyon at 104 yards. I squeezed the trigger and sent the 40-grain V-max bullet into the center of her chest — she fell about 25 feet down to the bottom of the canyon. 

With the combination of the colorful sunset and the Sonoran Desert in the background, I stopped and gave thanks for living in the greatest country in the world, being able to hunt and to be free. This was probably the prettiest stand I have ever been on.

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