Foxpro Hunting TV Pulls Off East-West Combo

It's more of an East-Midwest combo, to be honest, but watch the latest episode of Foxpro Hunting TV to see Abner Druckenmiller and Al Morris put down predators in two states.

Foxpro Hunting TV Pulls Off East-West Combo

Watch as the Foxpro Hunting TV crew posts double duty chasing predators in Pennsylvania and Kansas.

Who doesn't love a little East-West competition?

That's what's going on with the Foxpro Hunting TV crew in this episode, although to be honest it's more of an East-Midwest double. That still  counts when half the country is covered, right?

The crew is in Pennsylvania and Kansas for fox and coyote, with both states offering super opportunities for predator hunters. Abner Druckenmiller teams up with Kody Hassinger in the Keystone State on the opening weekend of the season for foxes.

Meanwhile, Al Morris joins Foxpro field staffer Jeff Writer "out west" in Kansas to wrap up their coyote hunt. Ample land and plenty of coyotes provide them numerous calling opportunities.


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