Foxpro Hunting TV: Busting Out the Handcalls

Electronic callers are great tools for predator hunters thanks to the volume and number of sounds that can be made. But as Al Morris with Foxpro Hunting TV shows, adding some handcalls into the mix is a lot of fun, too.

Foxpro Hunting TV: Busting Out the Handcalls

Al Morris of Foxpro Hunting TV puts some emotion into his handcalls when he's trying to lure a coyote, fox or bobcat within range.

Placing an electronic caller away from your setup, and possibly using a decoy of some sort, is a cool and effective method of hunting predators.

But as Eve told James Bond in a memorable scene from "Skyfall," "Sometimes the old ways are the best."

Adding a handcall to your predator-hunting arsenal should be as routine as combining peas and carrots with your venison roast. It may  be a diaphragm, howler or reed call, or even natural voice. You can scream to the hills or make subtle mouse squeaks depending on the situation, all with the end result of getting a predator within range.

Watch this episode of Foxpro Hunting TV as Al Morris with Foxpro and Tom Austin put the lead to coyotes in Arizona. Combining their e-caller with handcalls is an effective tactic and one you should use.


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