Fixed-Blade Broadheads for 2011

Few pieces of gear inspire more "in-the-field" confidence than a quality, dependable broadhead. Here are several your customers need to see.
Fixed-Blade Broadheads for 2011
vantage point terminal broadhead

Vantage Point Archery

Probably one of the most talked about new broadheads this year at the ATA Show was the Terminator ($40/3) from Vantage Point Archery (540-819-1776; The broadhead that caught my eye was the 3-blade, 100-grain model. This one-piece head is machined from tool-grade bar stock steel, then heat-treated and Teflon-coated. The Teflon coating, combined with the solid construction, results in an extremely strong head that penetrates well and can easily be re-sharpened and reused, saving money. The Terminator has a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter and .040-inch-thick blades for bone-crushing power. It is available in 85-grain up to 300-grain choices for big game animals. The 100-grain model has vented blades while the other weights have solid blades.

crimson talon v4 broadhead

Crimson Talon

Crimson Talon (410-658-9660; is famous for creating Spin-Tite Airfoil Technology, which has two benefits. It stabilizes the arrow in flight by creating a spiraling effect as the arrow flies and twists through the animal like a wood screw, resulting in a devastating wound. For 2011, Crimson Talon is offering a 4-blade called the V4 ($35/3). Its four vented blades, slightly angled in the rear, create rigid airfoils. The V4 is a 100-grain head that comes with a collar that can be added to increase its weight to 125 grains. The head has a 1-1/8-inch-cutting diameter and a .035-inch-thick main blade.

qad exodus broadhead

Quality Archery Designs

Quality Archery Designs (434-846-5839; entered the broadhead market this year with the Exodus broadhead ($40/3). This unique 3-blade made of extra-tough 440 heat-treated stainless steel is sure to become a bowhunter favorite. Featuring B.O.S. (Blade Over Shaft) technology, Exodus blades sweep back over the arrow shaft. The head’s cut-on-contact tip is very short and close to the tip of the shaft, similar to a field tip. Together, these factors create a super-short, well-balanced, aerodynamic head that flies like a field tip because the blades are behind the shaft, not out in front of it. The .035-inch-thick blades offer a generous cutting diameter of 1.25 inches without steep-angled blades that can impede penetration. Both barbed and non-barbed models are available.

slick trick 2 broadhead

Slick Trick

The Grizztrick 2 ($30/3) by Slick Trick (870-934-0131; is a beefed up version of the original, extremely popular Grizztrick. The Grizztrick 2 comes with blades that are Lutz Solingen-German knife-grade. For 2011, the .035-inch-thick blades are 25 percent stronger than previous models. The 4-blade Grizztrick 2 has a 1.25-inch cutting diameter, but when you consider it has four blades, it adds up to a whopping 2.5 inches of cutting diameter! The Grizztrick 2’s newly designed ferrule is stronger and flies better than previous models, resulting in field tip accuracy even when shot out of high-speed bows. The Grizztrick 2 is available in 100 and 125 grains.

nap razor head broadhead

New Archery Products

The time-tested Thunderhead by New Archery Products (800-323-1279; is a broadhead bowhunters have relied on for decades. For 2011, NAP is offering a new Thunderhead called the Razor ($35/3). The Razor comes fully assembled so hunters don’t have to struggle with the hassles of assembling the head. Nor do they have to use NAP’s UBAR rings, which were required to align previous Thunderhead models with small-diameter carbon shafts. You simply screw the 100-grain Razor onto any size shaft and shoot. Like the Thunderhead Edge, the Razor has offset straight-edge blades that cut a 1 1/8-inch diameter like a knife—leaving devastating wounds.

tru fire t1


Tru-Fire (920-923-6866; jumped into the broadhead market several years ago with its innovative Switchblade mechanical head. Tru-Fire also offers a compact fixed-blade called the T1 ($35/3) featuring innovations like a Spring Retention System (SRS). Simply place each blade down in the ferrule, and the internal spring does the rest. “The pressure from the spring forces the blades towards the tip of the head, locks it into place, and eliminates the blades from falling out,” said Tru-Fire’s Steve Tentler. The T1 has a solid machined ferrule, cut-on-contact aggressive tip, and a two-position blade locking system that keeps both blades from moving up and out or to either side of the ferrule. The T1 comes with .032-inch-thick stainless blades, a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter, and is available in 100 and 125 grains.

magnus ss snuffer

Magnus Broadheads

Magnus Broadheads (620-793-9222; has reintroduced the Snuffer SS ($34/3) for 2011. Last year, getting our hands on this head was difficult, but that won’t be the case this year, according to Magnus. This stainless steel 3-blade head will appeal to bowhunters looking for a cut-on-contact, one-piece broadhead that can be resharpened. Among the most important features are low blade angles for great flight and large entry wounds, even on steep-angled shots. The Snuffer SS is Teflon-coated for maximum penetration, spin-tested for accuracy at the factory, and can fly true out of today’s high-speed bows. The Snuffer SS is available in 100- and 125-grain models and has .040-inch-thick blades.

trophy taker t lock broadhead

Trophy Taker

Another broadhead that has been picking up steam is the Terminal T-Lock ($40/3) from Trophy Taker (406-826-0600; It has a non-vented blade design like the original Shuttle T-Lock, so the blades won’t whistle. The straight blades on the Terminal T-Lock resemble knife blades with a large cutting edge. “This head has been popular with bowhunters looking for a short head that can handle high-speed bows,” said Trophy Taker’s Jerrod Lile. “The blades on this head are extremely thick, so bowhunters can shoot, knowing the head will stand up to almost anything.” Like the original Shuttle T-Lock (which, incidentally, is now available in black), the Terminal T-Lock blades and cut-on-contact, one-piece ferrule are 100 percent stainless steel. The stout .041-inch-thick blades can bring down big game like elk or moose. The 100-grain and 125-grain models have 1 1/8-inch and 1 3/16-inch cutting diameters, respectively.

muzzy mx 3 broadhead


Bowhunters looking for a tough reliable broadhead often turn to Muzzy (770-387-9300; For 2011, Muzzy made the popular MX-3 125-grain ($29/3) and 75-grain ($27/3) models more compact than ever, perfect for bowhunters shooting high-speed bows and crossbows. The new MX-3 has a compact ferrule and blade design but comes with many of popular Muzzy features bowhunters have grown to love, including a steel ferrule, a bone-busting trocar tip, and .025-inch-thick blades. The new MX-3 has a 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter, and it is 3/16 inch wider and 3/16 inch shorter than the original MX-3.

hartcraft x change broadhead

Hartcraft X-Change Broadheads

Hartcraft X-Change Broadheads (830-990-0100; is a new company with a unique broadhead system that allows hunters to use one ferrule with a cut-on-contact tip and five different blade options. My three favorites were the Trophy 11($36/3), Thumper, and the Lopper. For big game, slide in the blades that make the Trophy 11 head a compact 3-blade. For small game hunting, slide in the Thumper penetration-reducing blades. For lopping off the head of a turkey, the Lopper blades are the logical choice. The 100-grain Trophy 11 has a 1.5-inch cutting diameter, the 100-grain Thumper has a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter, and the 125-grain Lopper has a 2 3/8-inch cut. All blades are .030 inch thick.

reign ep broadhead

EP Hunting

The Reign Broadhead by EP Hunting ( burst onto the broadhead scene a few years ago and got people talking. This radical-looking broadhead is a hybrid that is partially mechanical and partially a fixed blade. The stainless steel broadhead utilizes SwivelTech Technology. The large blade is held in place during flight by a ball bearing and uses a pendulum motion to maneuver between and around bone as it passes through an animal. If the right blade meets the bone, the blade swings to the left, allowing the head to pass by the bone. The Shatterhead tip features four blades that start cutting upon impact. The 1 3/8-inch-diameter Reign is available in 100- and 125-grain versions. EP Hunting also offer a 150-grain model for crossbow hunters ($40/3) that provides the extra weight to bring down big game animals.

carbon express f15 broadhead

Carbon Express

Bowhunters know Carbon Express (800-241-4833; as a leader in arrow technology. Pushing the engineering envelope in the broadhead category, Carbon Express introduced the F-15 in a 100-grain model last year. This year the company is offering the F-15 in a 125-grain model ($40/3). Besides the added weight, bowhunters can expect the same great features. The F-15 has a unique dual-fixed blade and is the only broadhead with dual side-by-side cutting blades. Two razor-sharp blades provide six cutting edges and create a wound that is said to be 250 percent larger than single-blade broadheads. The one-piece, cut-on-contact F-15 utilizes a patented process utilizing a pressure-injected mold and 440 stainless steel. It is a low-profile head that flies true and packs a punch. The F-15 dual blade has .030-inch-thick blades and a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter.

wasp sledgehammer broadhead

Wasp Archery

Crossbow hunters looking for a fixed-blade broadhead should check out the heavy Wasp Archery ( Sledgehammer ($34/3). The Sledgehammer has a beefed up solid steel ferrule and three extra .027-inch-thick blades. To ensure the head can break through almost anything, it is tipped with the bone-crushing trocar tip that made Wasp famous. This 150-grain head puts the weight at the tip of the bolt and has a 1 1/16-inch cutting diameter.

fulton ramcat broadhead

Fulton Precision Archery

Fulton Precision Archery (412-519-5352; burst onto the archery scene a few years ago with a great-looking hybrid broadhead called the Ramcat that was only available in a 100-grain version with a 1 3/8-inch cutting diameter. For 2011, the Ramcat is available in a new 125-grain model ($34/3) that offers a generous 1.5-inch cutting diameter that increases the amount of internal damage and has the great features of the original broadhead, including replaceable offset blades. The Hydroshock Self-Centering Chisel Tip with large, deep lobes creates an airfoil that drafts wind over the blades, greatly reducing planing in flight. The lobes also create a hydrofoil after penetrating the animal, creating deeper penetration. The .032-inch-thick blades are sharpened on the front and back.

As you can see, there are more broadhead options than ever. It used to be that whether bowhunters were going after mountain goats, mountain lions, or whitetails, there were only one or two options available. Today we have broadheads designed specifically for crossbow hunters, traditional hunters, elk hunters, and turkey hunters. Heck, we even have broadheads designed for dangerous game. The good news is having all of these options help bowhunters fine-tune their setups, often resulting in better accuracy and more meat in the freezer.


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