Editor's Picks: Top 10 Predator Xtreme Articles from 2020

Did your favorite stories from 2020 make the Top 10 list?

Editor's Picks: Top 10 Predator Xtreme Articles from 2020

So we've come to the end of another year, and I'm sure we can all agree that 2020 has been an interesting and challenging journey in so many ways. But as I look back through the posts on the Predator Xtreme website and thumb through the articles in the magazine I'm encouraged that our staff met those obstacles head-on and were able to give our readers and followers some of the best predator hunting information and entertainment on the planet. And I'm hoping that we also provided a needed distraction from all of the craziness this past year dished out. With that, here's a look at my Top 10 article picks for 2020. I'm hoping they were some of your favorites as well. And, finally, here's to year 2021 — let's hope the ride isn't as rough as the one that preceded it. 

No. 10 ... What Do Americans Think of Hunting?

How many of our fellow Americans are really on our side? The numbers might surprise you!

No. 9 ... How to Call and Kill More Eastern Coyotes

When things get tough while hunting Eastern coyotes, bolster your chances at calling in these wary creatures.

No. 8 ... Don't Ditch the Hand Call for Predators

Hand calls offer more to you than an economical means to call in a coyote. If you think hand calls should be sitting on a shelf as an heirloom, think again.

No. 7 ... How to Hunt Wolves When They're Hunting You

Do you have what it takes to be hunted by one of North America’s top predators? When you're hunting wolves, they're hunting you.

No. 6 ... Why Foxes Leap When They're Hunting

Why do foxes leap on their prey when they're hunting? The theory behind this interesting behavior might surprise you.

No. 5 ... Hunter Attacked by 'Dead' Coyote

What started as the retrieval of a dead coyote suddenly shifted into a life and death struggle between two predators.

No. 4 ... Op-Ed: Fed Up with Anti-Hunters

If the only information the majority of non-hunters receives puts hunters and hunting in a bad light, it will be easy for the unassuming public to play along with the antis. If that happens, we lose and hunting ends. It’s that simple.

No. 3 ... 17 Facts About Feral Hogs

How much do you know about feral hogs? Here are 17 facts that might surprise you.

No. 2 ... The Riflescope Debate: High-Tech or Simple?

The craze in long-range shooting is expanding the optic market exponentially, including in predator hunting. It could be the answer to your hung-up predator dilemma. But if you don’t need it, simple is just fine for close-quarters encounters.

Drum roll, Please ...

No. 1 ... Coyote Vocalizations: When to Call, What to Say

The greatest challenge for the predator caller is determining what to say and when to say it.


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