Eastern Vs. Western Coyotes — A Numbers Game

Why do coyote hunters in Western states seem to be more successful?

Eastern Vs. Western Coyotes — A Numbers Game

Western coyotes might be easier to hunt simply because there's more of them. Photo: iStock.com/jamesvancouver

There are legions of hunters who believe it is the intellect of Eastern coyotes that makes them so reluctant to come to the call, but this likely is not the case. Western hunters more likely attain their high kill numbers due to greater populations of coyotes and terrains that are more conducive to seeing them approach the call.                                                                                                  

As a rule, population densities are higher in the West compared to the East. Some Western states harbor four to six coyotes per square mile compared to .5 to one coyote in some Eastern states. Simply stated, more targets yield more success. For Eastern hunters, it’s hard to call in coyotes that simply are not there!                                                                                                                          

The open terrain of the West provides more opportune hunting scenarios. Western hunters can see the coyotes coming from a far distance and prepare for the shot. In the East, this is oftentimes not true. Thick vegetation, heavy woods and the presence of hills make it virtually impossible to see coyotes coming from afar. Coyotes come to the call, but hunters simply don’t see them due to the terrain.


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