Top 10 Reasons To Buy Your First E-Call With Your Christmas Cash

Are you tired of carrying around numerous mouth calls? Now is the perfect time to take your Christmas money to purchase your first e-call.
Top 10 Reasons To Buy Your First E-Call With Your Christmas Cash

You may really enjoy your collection of mouth calls. But if you don't like a dozen mouth calls dangling around your neck, maybe it’s time to for an electronic predator call. Sporting goods stores have a large e-call selection to peruse and there’s more than enough reasons to invest in this predator wonder toy. In fact, here are 10:

1. Library of Sound

An unlimited library of sounds tops the reasons to go digital. You can make a variety of sounds with hand calls, but you have access to hundreds and hundreds of sounds with the libraries available for electronic callers. Most come with a dozen or more sounds installed with memory to add in hundreds more.

2. Volume

Electronic callers allow you to reach out and touch someone. You simply can’t match the volume of a quality electronic caller. The powerhouse potential of volume gives your calls extra distance to call in predators from afar and to even reach out, and cut through howling winds.

3. The Lung Power Equalizer

Speaking of lung power, how many times have you been plagued by a cold or congestion during predator season? There’s no need to worry about diminished lung power with an electronic caller. You simply let the machine do all the work and you can enjoy the relief of a Smith Brothers cough drop as you send a Hornady V-Max downrange.

4. Accuracy

Have you ever wondered if the sound you were sending out from a mouth call was correct? Scratch that off the list as well since the recorded sounds on your e-caller are approved by experts and field-tested for perfection.

5. Variety

Hand calls come in a variety of configurations including open-reed calls, closed-reed calls, diaphragm calls and others. With an electronic caller, there’s no need to master the operation of any call. It’s as simple as your microwave oven with push-button control.

6. No Drool, Means No Freezing

You can also forget the freeze-up factor. Mouth calls have the tendency to collect your saliva and mouth moisture during operation. In colder climates this means the calls can freeze up during periods of inactivity or screech out the wrong song when in use. Electronic callers eliminate the drool factor in calling.

7. Harmonize

Fast and furious can now be your routine. With the push of a button, change sounds or play two or more sounds in synchronized harmony. Try blowing on two mouth calls at once.

8. Remote Calling

Use your electronic caller as a distraction. Nearly all quality electronic callers come with a remote to separate you from the call by 100 yards or more. Set your call up so that any predator responding is drawn to an opening and has its attention focused on the call, not you.

9. Pressing a Button Means Added Stealth

Moving less is an added bonus to push-button convenience of an electronic caller. Even though it’s unlikely you’re flailing around with your hand calls, it does require more movement than pushing a button and sitting back for sneaky surveillance.

10. Pre-Programmed Calls

Finally, many electronic callers come pre-programmed with the sounds of other game species to use during other hunting seasons. If they are not programmed in, you can easily add them so you’re ready to tackle turkey, deer, moose, elk or other targets of interest.

I still carry a selection of hand calls in my predator pack, but on most outings I rely on my Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker e-call to send messages of interest to area coyotes. Step into the 21st century with an electronic caller. There are more reasons than not for push-button hunting convenience.


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