MLB Pitcher Rids Coyote With Fastball

Is it possible to kill a coyote with a fastball? Cleveland Indians ace Corey Kluber decided to give it a shot at his Massachusetts home.

MLB Pitcher Rids Coyote With Fastball

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Cory Kluber seems to still be in mid-season form following a report. Though the information given is vague, several (now deleted) tweets from Red Sox beat writer Rob Bradford call the star pitcher a legend after Kluber reportedly used fastballs to scare a coyote at his Massachusetts home.


From someone close to situation: Corey Kluber recently got rid of coyote in backyard of new Mass. home w fastball to animal's ribs. #legend
— Rob Bradford (@bradfo) December 24, 2016


For those concerned about the coyote, like hitters crowding the plate, he was just scared off
— Rob Bradford (@bradfo) December 24, 2016


Who Is Corey Kluber?

You might not know Kluber, and that’s fine. Though he had an opportunity to be the biggest name in the 2016 World Series, he was overshadowed by Indians relief pitcher Andrew Miller — and, of course, the Chicago Cubs, who won their first World Series since 1908.

Kluber is a good MLB pitcher, holding a career earned run average of 3.33, but he’s not a superstar. He’s a 30-year-old Coppell, Texas, native who made his major-league debut in 2011. Since, he has won the Cy Young (2014), which is awarded to each league’s top pitcher, and was named an All-Star this past season. He also had a 2016 postseason to remember, leading the Indians to its first World Series since 1997.

Kluber Vs. The Coyote

It took a second tweet from Rob Bradford to clarify Kluber only scared off the coyote. But it’s easy to wonder if Kluber could’ve popped the predator with enough velocity to truly “extinguish” it. The average velocity of MLB pitchers has risen in the last decade, but Kluber sits around the average of 92 mph. It’s not a bad average velocity, especially if he can keep consistent through seven innings, but it doesn’t compare to guns or bows.

A recurve bow was the closest comparison to Kluber’s heat, coming in on average just north of 100 mph. Compound bows average around 225 mph and crossbows average slight over 200 mph.

For gun, there’s no comparison. A .50 rifled muzzleloader shoots between 265 to 816 mph, while subsonic sits around 750 mph and high-velocity rifles range in the 800s.

Is it still possible a fastball could kill a coyote? Though the core is harder than that of a paintball or a potato, a potato cannon measures an average of more than 300 mph and a paintball gun shoots around 200 mph.


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