From The Readers: Coyote Shootout!

A Missouri hunter calls in a pack of coyotes and not even his gun shots scare them away!

From The Readers: Coyote Shootout!

Alex Wiggs | Missouri

This hunt started in the morning while I was in my treestand bowhunting for deer. At daybreak the coyotes just down the hill from me started barking like crazy and it went on for 15 minutes! I ended up missing one of two does (putting the 10-yard pin on a deer 20 yards away) that walked by me. I’m glad I did, because if I would have killed the deer I most likely wouldn't have been able to go coyote hunting that same evening.

I returned to the field just as the sun was setting later that same evening and got set up in the area I last heard the coyotes earlier that morning. I howled one time on my FOXPRO and less than a minute later the first coyote appeared directly in front of me at about 90 yards. I dropped that coyote and switched the FOXPRO to a pup-distress call. That’s when the fun began!

During the next 17 minutes I had six coyotes running all around the Fawnzy decoy that I had set up 50 yards in front of me. The coyotes would howl and bark and regroup several times trying to run off the unseen intruder. When it was all over, I had three coyotes down and another one (that I rolled as it was running) crawl off on me. I looked for an hour and a half the next morning, but I was unable to find the fourth coyote. To top it all off, I got it all on video and posted on my YouTube channel. What a morning!



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