Coyote hunting for sport can be a money maker too

Early-season coyotes lack the prime fur that brings top dollar during the winter months.
Coyote hunting for sport can be a money maker too

Coyote hunters get wrapped up in the fun and management of coyotes in the early fall. Coyotes are vulnerable and plentiful during this opportunistic time. You can call in young-of-the-year coyotes and there are lots of them. Plus, they respond well to a variety of calls. With little to no hunting pressure over the summer months, even veteran coyotes make adolescent mistakes.

However, these early-season coyotes lack the prime fur that brings top dollar during the winter months. Cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours trigger the coyote’s internal clock to thicken its fur coat. Now is the time that furs are prime across much of the country or will be very soon in the southern regions of the country. That means hunting for fun and management can now become a business venture as well.

Furs are still used throughout the world in the garment industry. You may not see fur coats in your local Walmart clothing section, but they still garner attention in a variety of regions for their luxurious look and functionality, particularly in frozen environments. If you shot a few prime predators here are some options.


1. Freeze your critter whole. I’m busy with a family and a career that keeps me on the road more than 50 percent of the time. I hang coyotes and other furbearers in my barn (in Wyoming) that doubles as a freezer and sell them whole when the local fur buyer comes to town.

2. Learn to skin and stretch a critter. I don’t have enough time to go step by step through the skinning of a coyote (maybe in a later blog), but you can find numerous videos on Youtube or Vimeo on the process. Cruise the web and you’ll be amazed at the information. Or check out this cool video on using an air compressor to skin a ’yote.

3. Market your own furs. There are several fur auctions where you can sell quantities of raw furs that are ready to be made into garments. Surf the web for information or check out the information at North American Fur Auctions ( They have blogs, news releases and auction information on how to sell your furs for top dollar.

Prime furs can make you a few extra bucks and with the cost of fuel these days it doesn’t hurt to have a little aid in filling the truck.


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