Coyote Craze College offers higher education for hunting songdogs

Coyote hunting involves a lot of trial and error, but Coyote Craze College combines classroom discussion with in-field hunting to help hone your skills.
Coyote Craze College offers higher education for hunting songdogs

Coyote Craze College combines classroom discussions with in-field experience, as discovered by (L-R) Seth McCarty, Jacob Stemig and Geoff Nemnich. (Photo: Mark Kayser)

If you’re like me you’re always looking for ways to improve your coyote game. Business professionals, craftsmen and creative types oftentimes go back to school for an education advancement. Have you ever thought about going back to school for a higher education on coyote hunting?

You can easily surf online and find guided hunts with coyote hunting experts. They’ll share the ropes, but one professional coyote getter actually holds a college. Geoff Nemnich calls his school Coyote Craze College and its open for business now.

Beginning late in autumn and extending into late winter Nemnich offers four Coyote Craze College courses. Slots are limited and each college only has three spots available. This allows Nemnich to personalize the classroom and provide firsthand instruction in the field.

Coyoet Craze College classroom discussions cover a wide range of topics related to hunting coyotes, from setups and camo to calling routines and firarms. (Photo: Mark Kayser)

The cost for the 2-day college is $650 and that includes the course workbook for the classroom portion, plus travel and lunch for the second day in the field. Nemnich allows anyone 18 and under to attend free with a paying adult as long as there is availability. If you want to hunt an extra day after the 2-day college it’s an additional $150 per day fee.

What qualifies Nemnich for the role of instructor? In addition to being a fanatical coyote hunter he’s won the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest in 2014 and 2015. He also competes in three to four contests every year including the Colorado Predator Classic that he won in 2017. Your instructor has competed with the best in the coyote calling world and routinely finishes in the top.

The school entails one day of classroom that follows a detailed course outlined in a textbook Nemnich provides. He breaks the course into what he describes as “the four Ps.”

Nemnich’s four Ps start with place. This emphasizes how to line up ground and evaluate it for coyote success. The second P is positioning for stand opportunities, shooting windows, call placement and even where to hide our vehicle. The third P includes patience and he breaks down the time aspect of how long you need to wait and how far to travel between stands. The fourth and final P is practice. This includes everything equipment oriented, including firearms and gear must-haves to optimize your calling endeavors.

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He ends the classroom day with a visit to a local shooting club to practice and get ready for the next day of field experience.

The second day is all about turning the workbook lessons into successful setups. Nemnich lines up quality coyote hunting land and shows students exactly how to hunt a property successfully while using everything they learned in the classroom.

Nemnich’s college has been attracting students for nine years and throughout Nemnich has research other instructional courses offered to ensure his coursework excels above the rest. The one thing he quickly realized after studying others was that all were missing the classroom aspect. Without a proper classroom foundation the field experience wouldn’t have the same impact.

If you’d like to advance your coyote-getting game reach out to Nemnich for dates available in late 2018 and early 2019. To learn more about Coyote Craze College be sure to read the summer issue of Predator Xtreme where the school will be featured. Now it’s time to think about a higher education in coyote hunting.

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